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  1. Hello everyone, yesterday my brothers budgie escaped from it's cage. Here is how it happened: The cage has a breeding box on it, and two or three times Shelby, ( full name: Shelby GT500 Mustang Super Snake.(Not my Idea)), escaped through the little peek-hole, which is that board you slide up to look inside. Somehow he opened it, and flew out of the room and out a window. We first thought it was an Eastern Rosella with white-ish feathers, then I saw the aqua-coloured belly. Then I ran to the cage and the peek-hole board was lying on the floor, and he was gone. He hung around the house calling to my budgie, but after dark, nothing. That night had a low of -1 degrees Celcius. He must have passed away, because we haven't seen him ever since. Might I mention he was a really beautiful budgie. too! He would cuddle up to Twix at night, and him just leaving was heart-breaking:( . I live in the country, with thick bush all around. He is gone forever. -Toby P.S. He looks a bit like the yellow budgie on the top of the screen, beside the forum name.
  2. She is leaving breeding condition, as I found out.
  3. Hello, it's Toby again. Today I let my un-trainable budgie, Twix, out, and she flew around and hit the wall a couple of times, then she landed on the ground, and I picked her up holding her wings in, then let go, and she just sat on my finger for the rest of the day! ( I didn't hold my finger up all day, but you kind of get the idea ) You might say it was that she was in shock, but she wasn't, and now she is totally cool with me picking her up, and sitting on my finger. She is still scared when two or more people are in the room, but she doesn't fly away anymore. I got to have a close look at her cere, and it is kind of purply and wrinkly. If you know what this is, tell me. Toby
  4. Hi again... I looked up photos of scaley face, and that's definitely not it, I can't upload a picture for some reason, so I think she's just leaving breeding condition. Thanks for your help, Toby
  5. Okay, thanks. I think she is quite young, because she had black bars all down her forehead when we got her, and I think that means she is still a baby? I'll take the box off, or just block up the door, because it is quite firmly attached onto the cage. I'll try to get a good picture, but she is very scared of my tablet.
  6. Hi, I'm Toby, I'm 11 and I'm new. I myself have a beautiful little female budgie, Twix, who is pictured in my profile photo, and my older brother has a possibly female blue and yellow with black Budgie, Orville, who hates everyone. One of my younger brothers has a light blue and light yellow budgie, Shelby. And my youngest brother has a Reeeaaalllyy beautiful completely white possibly female (again) one,(who we found out isn't albino), George, who we might take back to the pet shop, because he swapped it for a grey Cockatiel.
  7. Hi I'm Toby I'm 11 and I am a new member. I have a Budgie that is, from my research, a young Budgie. A couple of days after we got her, a sort of crustiness has appeared on her cere, and I just wanted to know what it was I feed her seed, millet sprays, fruit and veggies. P.S. I have got her in a cage with a male budgie who I don't know the age of with a nesting box. Please tell me if you want some pictures.
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