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  1. Hi thanks for your response Drogo and Jimmy, I made an enquiry with my local club they had their meeting on friday just missed out, going to try make it to the next one. Defiantly holding off from breeding until I sign up to a club, I would of liked to start off with normal greens and blues. The variety I have now are 2 lacewing hens, 2 lutinos brother and sister, and a normal grey cock, don't see that as a good start? Would really like to go see how the shows work very curious to see, maybe help me to know what features to look for etc. I will take that advice and hold off on buying for now, hopefully can get some good quality stock down the track but did find another show breeder a couple days ago selling all his stock and setup and had clearbodies always had a interest in them but only ever owned one spewing my car broke down lol and not keen carting birds home on public transport. Thanks again, had to type up quick my bad if it don't make sence. Have a good one.
  2. Hi, I have been breeding pet type budgies for 3-4 years now but in the last year and abit I have held off from breeding pet types as I have now built an interest in show types. I have been reading up on it alot trying to find all the info I can, seems complicated at the moment understanding show standards, pairing etc, as I have alot to learn. Just recently I found a club breeder in my local area who I purchased 5 show types from who was really helpful with all questions I had to ask plus invited me to one or his club meetings to see how things all work, but I never went to it due to being nervous I guess. Anyway, I'm having trouble finding breeders around or near my area I could patiently purchase some stock off, the breeder I got the 5 off is the only one I have found, I feel as though I will never be able to get started in this hobby. I would appreciate if anyone could help me locate any breeders in the Sydneys South West area who are willing to help me get going. As I have 5 birds now I was thinking another 5 not to many due to limited space to were I'm living right now. I plan on joining a club thinking the Macarthur branch as it is close to were I live but dont plan on showing as I've got a lot to learn, one day I will once I'm confidante enough and have the experience. Thank you for in advance for any help or info given.
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