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  1. I am not an expert but can you encourage the mum back into the nesting box? I know when my budgie mated and I thought that she wasn't sitting on the eggs if I scratched on the box, she would fly over and hop back in
  2. This looks cool, I think it is a good idea do people get to know a bit about others. I am ready new so it is nice learning how other people can to get their budgies How long have you been a member of the forum for? 3 days, since the 16th of May How long have you kept budgies for? A couple of years now What is your favourite mutation? I don't really have one, I love them all Blue or Green Series? I think I prefer green How many birds do you keep at the moment? At the moment 7, only to the fact that my birds mated. Unfortunately I wi lol have to sell the chicks What do you prefer Pet or Show type? Pet What got you into budgies? I have always like budgies and when I got the opportunity to get one I took it. Sorry about these , whe I typed them in they were smiley faces, obviously you can't have smiley faces.
  3. Hi, my bird Monty layed one clutch of six eggs and five survived and have grown up to be healthy birds, almost ready for selling. I have heard that by now she should have layed another clutch, is this true should she be laying another clutch?
  4. Hi all, I was just wondering whether my budgie Monty will lose her bond to me as she has breeded with my other budgie, Carlo and they have raised 5 chicks. She seems okay at the moment and will still hop onto my hand but when I have sold the chicks and start letting them inside (their cage is outside) to fly around will she still be friendly towards me and play like she used to?
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