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  1. Welcome! Looks like a lovely little boy you have there. All the best with him
  2. Dante

    Hi, I'm New

    Welcome Great to have you on the forum. I believe that's a lovely baby boy you have there!
  3. Dante

    Hi All

    Welcome I'm fairly new to breeding budgies, so it's great to have someone with your experience join the forum. Look forward to seeing pictures of your budgies. Kerri.
  4. Thanks for your reply Marie Interestingly, this is what I got from the pairings: 1. Grey budgies - didn't end up mating so have remained together in the main flight. Still show no interest in breeding and just sit together all day long 2. Sky Blue Budgies - produced 6 healthy babies (1 boy & 5 girls), all sky blue and all very cute They are 7 weeks old now, here are some pictures: http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/English%20Blu13_zpse4o7bt7g.jpg.html http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/English%20Blu12_zpsy0gnl5im.jpg.html http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/EnglishBlue1_zpsqfszotxf.jpg.html http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/EnglishBlue7_zpsxidegi0t.jpg.html 3. The last pair was very interesting - 8 babies in total (3 from first breeding and 5 from second). They are resting now for at least 6 months! Produced from 1st breeding - Male, all violet with a white face: http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/Neo_Yoshi-Pairing1a_zpsil99sgbd.jpg.html Female, green with a yellow face: http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/Neo_Yoshi-Pairing1_zps36uqtbyc.jpg.html Female, yellow and bright green: http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/Neo_Yoshi-Pairing1b_zpsnfzn9ifl.jpg.html Produced from 2nd breeding - Male, green with yellow face (you can also see the hen in the back left of the photo and the cock in the back right, other sibling centre) http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/Budgie%20mutation8_zpsqrbpvpir.jpg.html Female, yellow and olive green: http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/Yellow%20Baby1_zpsrcstwx56.jpg.html And finally... 3 males, pale yellow and blue. Lovely pastel colouring but have absolutely no idea of the mutation?? http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/Budgie%20mutation2_zps4dx6t5bw.jpg.html http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/Budgie%20mutation4_zpsdvtvmltn.jpg.html http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/Budgie%20mutation6_zpsbsbpykfs.jpg.html http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/Budgie%20mutation5_zps38tz3yuh.jpg.html So, you were pretty accurate with the outcomes
  5. Hi All, I'm really unsure as to the mutation of these two brothers. They are both a lovely pale yellow, with blue on their lower backs, underside of the tail and chest. Couldn't find pictures of any similar mutations online, so thought I'd ask here Any thoughts would be much appreciated! Here is the family (Hen - back left; Cock - back right; Sibling - front): http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/Budgie%20mutation9_zpsohl63off.jpg.html Hen had 5 babies - 3 were pale yellow & blue, 1 green and 1 yellow and olive. Here's male budgie 1: http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/Budgie%20mutation2_zps4dx6t5bw.jpg.html http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/Budgie%20mutation1_zpsylywitmf.jpg.html http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/Budgie%20mutation3_zpsadd8soeb.jpg.html Younger male budgie 2: http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/Budgie%20mutation7_zpsfkiz0f24.jpg.html http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/Budgie%20mutation6_zpsbsbpykfs.jpg.html http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/Budgie%20mutation5_zps38tz3yuh.jpg.html Other sibling: http://s284.photobucket.com/user/DanteIggy/media/Budgies/Yellow%20Baby2_zpskasytg36.jpg.html
  6. Sorry to ask, but I'm hoping that is just a travel cage your budgies are pictured in and not their only home? I have that same cage but use it only as a travel cage when I take my budgies to the vet as it's tiny. It only has one plastic perch and one small swing and is too small to be a permanent home, unless they spend lots and lots of time out of the cage.
  7. Thanks The touch of white around the nostrils of budgies 1 & 2 is why I am a bit confused about their gender and thought maybe female. That and the fact they are such 'biting machines' made me think female, though the biting may just be a baby budgie thing and not a gender thing? Those two even tried to attack my phone camera when I took the photos and were literally hanging off the front of it. lol. I should have posted those photos The other three baby budgies are much more laid back and happy to be handled. Will post some more pictures in a week or so and see if the genders are any clearer then.
  8. Hi All, My first ever baby budgies are almost 6 weeks old now and am I was hoping someone could confirm their genders? Thanks, much appreciated Budgie 1 (female?) Budgie 1(female?) Budgie 2 (female?) Budgie 2 Budgie 2 Budgie 3 (male?) Budgie 3 Budgie 3 Budgie 4 (male?) English Budgie Baby (male?) The English budgie has such a lovely temperament, is very placid, and happy to sit on my finger and get head scratches all day; Budgies 1 & 2 are absolute biting machines and will not get off my hand when I change their food and clean their cage; Budgie 3 is quite placid and happy to be scratched on the head; and Budgie 4 is somewhere in between. They all have such different little personalities!
  9. Took Olive to the vet and it turns out she has something called 'budgerigar fledgling disease' or 'papova-virus' or APV. Nesting and juvenile birds are most susceptible, so the vet advised I cannot have her around my my current breeding budgies and that it may be best to re-home her because I have breeding budgies. He said she would be fine around other adult birds and not pass this disease on to them, but she shouldn't be around baby budgies and she shouldn't be bred from. Vet said she will pretty much look like a baby budgie the rest of her life. Apparently most baby budgies die from this disease in the nest. I had never heard of this before, has anyone else? Here's the link: http://www.environment.gov.au/system/files/pages/ecc30ec4-f63e-4ef7-8662-35d9ddcb4a36/files/avian-polyomavirus-infection.pdf Took Olive to the place I bought her from on the way home from the vet, and the bird store owner says he has never heard of this disease before, but will keep an eye out for it before he purchases any new baby budgies. It was sad, but I re-homed Olive this afternoon to someone that will keep her with other adult birds that are not going to be bred from. I have now had to move all the remaining budgies from that cage, into my other flight cage, and then disinfect the other huge flight cage and all the toys before I put my budgies back in there. Such a big job. I had kept Olive quarantined when I first got her but, other than the feather problem that just looked like baby feathers growing in, she seemed happy and fine and had no other problems that I could see. Live and learn I guess. At least she'll be okay and will live out her life with other adult budgies
  10. Took Dee to the vet and turns out he has a respiratory infection, which may be why the other bird attacked him. Vet checked my other budgies as well, and no others are sick. Dee needs a 4 day course of antibiotics and rest for a few days, for his injured wing, so is staying at the vet's. Still unsure what to do about Vlad though, as he is quite an aggressive budgie in general.
  11. Thought I'd post a video of two of my budgies, Dexter and Cherub, being very cute the other day The both love the swing and spend a lot of time together on it. I realise the cage looks to be quite full of toys, but rest assured it's just the angle the video is shot on (it's a really huge long flight cage). There's still plenty of room for them to fly around. Hope it makes other people smile too! It won't let me post the actual video on this forum, so here's the link: http://vid284.photob...zpsydun7tne.mp4
  12. So there was an incident with my budgie Vlad yesterday where he bit one of my other male budgies (Dee), really hard on the right wing and wouldn't let go until I intervened. Dee was screeching his head off. There was no reason behind it, Dee was just sitting happily on a perch by himself and Vlad flew over and bit him! Since then, Dee has been unable to fly and his wing is drooping down to one side. He also constantly stretches the wing up and back behind himself, and is shaking constantly whilst sitting on the perch. When he does try to fly, he just plummets straight to the bottom of the cage I moved Dee to a hospital cage by himself, to keep him warm and monitor him overnight, but he hasn't eaten anything since yesterday and hasn't moved from the one spot on the perch. Since he hasn't improved overnight, I'm taking him to the bird vet this morning, though I'm not sure the vet will be able to do anything. Am really hoping Dee will be okay, as he was my first ever budgie and I'm super attached to him. I'm thinking that Vlad might have to go? as he is really quite aggressive and 'bitey' (draws blood every time) and doesn't get along with any of my other budgies, except for one the male budgie that he came to me with (Calypso). Vlad was a rescue budgie. I feel like I can't leave Vlad alone with my other budgies now, because I'm scared he might injure them. Has anyone else had a problem with an aggressive budgie and what did you do?
  13. Thanks I might look at trying to pair those two down the line. I say 'try' to pair them because I have previously had male and female budgies together in a breeding cage that are over 12 months old, in breeding condition and get along, but that are not specifically 'pair bonded'. All they seem to do is contact call for the other half of their bonded pair all day long (really loudly), and ignore the mate they have in the breeding cage. I'm not sure, if I left them together in the breeding cage for a while, whether they would eventually give up and be happy with the mate in the cage with them. I guess it's just easier to let them choose their own mate - is this what you do?
  14. Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing the different mutations/colours these pairs produce as I still don't have a lot of experience with identifying them. Also, would you happen to know what pairing produces the violet, yellow face type? Hope everything is going well with your budgies
  15. Dante

    Hello All :)

    Welcome, great to have you on the forum! All the best with your beautiful budgie and I love her name Kerri
  16. Hi All, I have a few budgies that are soon to breed, and I was hoping someone could tell me what mutations/colours I am likely to get from each of these pairings? I let the budgies choose their own partners, so I'm not aiming for any particular colours, just curious These are the pairs that have taken to each other: Pair 1: Pair 2: Pair 3: Thanks!
  17. Hi All, Since there seems to be so few new posts on here for people to read, I thought I'd give an update on these two budgies - Vlad 'the impaler' (the white budgie - because he bites me all the time and draws blood!) and Calypso (who is very chilled out). They are in a cage with a quite a few female budgies, but they totally ignore them and just spend all day together cuddled up or preening each other. Is it normally for two males to want to hang out exclusively and not be interested in the females? The females don't seem interested in them either. Guess these two just have a happy 'bro-mance' going on Here's them today:
  18. Hi All, So two of my show budgies, Tank and Audrey, have laid another clutch of eggs - 10 to be exact. At least 9 of the eggs look to be fertile this time. Last time Audrey laid 9 eggs, though none got to the hatching stage and I found them all either thrown out of the nest and/or broken. Tank is a 3rd time father and has been great (he raised two successful clutches with another breeder) and Audrey is a first time mother, though she is over 18 months old. I read the article on fostering and am just looking for advice as to when, and if, to foster any of these eggs out? Do I do it before they have hatched or after? Audrey is struggling to keep all 10 eggs covered, and Tank is often sitting in the nest box with her as well. Will they be able to raise, potentially, 10 chicks on their own? The only other fostering option I have is a pair currently sitting on 4 eggs. Both are first time parents though, and just over 12 months old. I have candled their eggs but can't tell if they are fertile or not. Perhaps not. Audrey did not start sitting on her eggs continuously until the 8th of June, and I have marked each egg as it has been laid, so I know which is which if I need to foster any out. Audrey's eggs were laid: 1st June, 2nd June, 3rd June, 7th June, 8th June, 10th June, 13th June, 14th June, 15th June & 17th June. The other first time pair has eggs laid: 10th June, 13th June, 15th June & 17th June, and the mother started sitting on them continuously from 13th June. Any advice would be much appreciated, as I want to give them the best chance possible. Thanks
  19. Hi All, I bought my female budgie, Olive, almost 6 months ago from a pet store and she appears to have a feather problem, amongst other things. Where feathers should be, near the tops of both wings, there is just a grey downy fluff instead. When I first got her, I thought this was because she was still a baby and her feathers just hadn't fully come in yet, but it's still the same almost 6 months later. As far as I can see, she also doesn't appear to have some of the typical budgie features associated with getting older - she still has bars running almost to the front of her head, and very short tail and wing feathers. The only thing that has changed in almost 6 months is that she has developed an iris ring and her cere has gone a dark brown colour. It's very odd because, to me, she still looks like a really young baby budgie. Has anyone seen this before? I've tried searching the internet and various budgie forums, but can't find anything similar to this. I've also treated her for mites and worms, and none of the other budgies in the cage with her have any problems at all. Any suggestions as to what might be going on? Thanks Here's some photos taken of her today:
  20. Just an update - the white budgie did develop an iris ring, so I guess that means he's a double factor spangle He's still not a very friendly bird though, despite working with him every day for over a month now. He's more than happy to eat grass seeds from my hand, but if I put my hand anywhere near him without having any food to offer, he just bites me! lol. Guess he's not silly
  21. Hi, just thought I'd give an update on Scout. She's definitely a female and seems to have become quite close to me, flying over to which ever side of the cage I'm on and chirping happily whenever I give her head scratches through the bars She ignores the other male budgies whenever she is out of the cage, preferring instead to sit on my shoulder and chirp in my ear. One odd thing she does is that when I put my hand in the cage to give her scratches, she rolls backwards off the perch until she's lying in my hand and then hangs onto my finger with one of her feet, chirping away happily. It's funny that budgies all have such different personalities, as two other budgies I got at the same time will not even sit on my finger yet. Anyway, she seems to be doing really well, but I do find it strange that she doesn't appear to be bonding with any of the male budgies. She must realise that I'm definitely not a budgie?
  22. Thank you for letting me know. I'll just keep spending time with the white bird and offering treats each day and hopefully I can bond with him
  23. Thank you White budgie doesn't have an iris ring, but I'll keep an eye on him and see if he develops one. They are such opposite personalities too - the yellow face grey wing is really friendly and happy to be scratched. The white bird is terrified of hands and bites hard enough to draw blood! The white bird will only come close to my hand when I offer him fresh grass seeds, so I'll keep working with him and see how I go Is personality something that is at all determined by breeding? e.g. If you breed two friendly, tame budgies are you more likely to have baby budgies that are easier to tame, and vice versa?
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