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  1. Hi Ben Welcome! I'm in NSW so I don't know where you'll be able to find some birds in VIC but for anything else, feel free to ask
  2. Indeed he does Robyn and it's being treated Thanks I'm quite fond of them. The younger two pairs are between seven and ten months (hens seven, cocks ten). They're just in the big cage together at the moment, bonding, doing their budgie-thing. I'm thinking I'll pop them in breeding cages around the end of June or early July and see what happens. I'm not fussed if it takes them a while to sort themselves out. None of them have experience so I'm not expecting top results first time around as far as hatch rate or fertility of the eggs in general.
  3. okay great well I'll keep feeding sprouted seeds and lots of veggies and see what happens over the next few weeks.
  4. These are the birds I have paired up so far. The first pair are in a separate cage with a breeding box. Have only had them three days. Second and third pair are still in the main cage and too young to breed, but they've bonded very well so I'm pleased with that. For the first pair, how long would you guys expect before I might see eggs in the nest box?
  5. Hi everyone. I have a pretty simple problem but I'm wondering if I really should do anything or just let them go. My 10 month old male is trying to mate with my 6 month old female and obviously this is a problem. They don't have a nest box or anything but obviously being budgies I know they just can't help themselves. If it likely she'll start laying without a suitable place or not really?
  6. I guess you could do what the pigeon people do and bring eggs in rather than birds in your pockets when you leave the country you visited. As long as it's just one or two I doubt you'd be caught and apart from the high mortality risk you'd be all good I guess. Not that it's legal of course.
  7. Mine have sometimes gotten patchy above the beak during a moult and then a couple of days later the pin feathers show up. Is she moulting? These are two of my hens who recently moulted.
  8. I have been lingering here for a little while now. I check back pretty often for new topics and reply whenever I have anything relevant to say in an attempt to bring life back in again.
  9. I'm looking to get out of Sydney and very much want a colder climate tree-change. As I'm studying nursing I figure I'll be able to find work in Tassie too so that should work out really well. My Border Collie will love me for all the extra space, I have a few friends who live in Launceston, and it overall just appeals to me. Once I'm done with my current qualification I'm going to save for a while and then take the plunge, but of course my biggest concerns are getting my pets down safely.
  10. Laura's Birds


    Welcome! There's definitely lots to be learned about birds if you're interested I'm not sure how much you think the birds cost, but I can tell you right now that my eleven (obviously one would be less than 1/10) cost me maybe $20 for two or three months of seed, another $50 a month for pellets and then I don't really keep track of how much fruit and veggies cost but you don't need to have a whole lot of money to afford one bird. I don't think my lot are very expensive and I'm currently on Centrelink while studying, so if you are worried about expense then don't be. Apart from the cage and accessories and the bird itself they're very cheap to maintain. In a clean environment where there's lots of fresh air but also protection from cold draughts they rarely get sick. Mine live in my bedroom and do very well even with my Border Collie "paying them visits" (staring at them like sheep). Keep us updated when you get your little one!
  11. She does look like a she. As for her age, I think she's still young, but must be over six months as she's moulted out her forehead bands. Very pretty girl
  12. okay. So what did you do? Catch the same flight? Or have someone else load them up while you meet them on the other side?
  13. I was thinking that but wasn't sure. Do you think/know if the markings might get darker with age and moults? I almost lost Alaric the same way but he's clipped so I found him exhausted and petrified in a ditch in my yard so he's safe back in the cage. I've covered it in budgie wire now so it's impossible for them to get out again unless they turn themselves into soup while doing so!
  14. Does anyone else find that when they get a new bird that they often sound different than the rest of your flock? My new two make totally different "contact calls" when they're looking for other budgies and even their chattering is noticeably different. This happens every time I get a new bird but after a couple of weeks it's like they learn the language of my flock and start communicating in the same way. I find it cool. Anyone else?
  15. Picked up a couple of new birds after my boy Aegon flew off a couple of weeks back (literally escaped the cage and squeezed out under the door). The df dom pied is the spitting image of him in most aspects which I planned as I wanted his mutation for my breeding plans. The little female was just an unplanned pick-up.
  16. It looks like it Not to worry. As long as the personality is right who cares what's under the feathers
  17. I was actually thinking female when I saw your first post but it's hard to tell for sure as the picture isn't the clearest. One outside in natural light with good focus would be the best if you can get one
  18. Hi! Welcome! Pidgey does look quite young and hasn't had his first moult yet so definitely under six months. I'd say three to four months is about right as he does look quite young. Beautiful baby regardless of how old he is though
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