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  1. Thanks for the advice. Actually I posted this then found a thing on slight hand tilting whenever the budgie bites. This seems to have immediately corrected the behavior and now we're getting along great. Appreciate everyone who answered this.
  2. Appreciate it. Thank you. In that thread it seems as though that specific budgie's biting was non-aggressive? My budgie's bites are in rapid succession and do not cease. It seems like an aggressive response, at least to me. Should I still continue with simply ignoring it? Like This Quote MultiQuote
  3. Okay so, I have had my budgie since September, and I have slowly worked my way up to using millet to get my hen to hop onto my finger. I have noticed some behavior that I haven't been able to find anywhere else(apologize if there's a thread somewhere here.) Basically, my hen will hop onto my finger for the millet, but sometimes bite me pretty hard, enough to turn the area red or leave an indent. I've tried to ignore it to see what happens, but she will literally keep going until I put her down or she goes back to the millet. I have also tried getting her to step up without the millet,
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