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  1. I will still check in here from time to time as there is some good information here, even with the dead links... Its just hard to be active on a forum where you only get 2 replies in over a week... Much to my disgust, I ended up joining Talk Budgies Forum, which appears to be US/Canadian based, but at least its active.. .
  2. Hi Budgie Lov3r, Thanks for your reply.. No disrespect, but I got quite excited when I found an actual "Aussie" Budgie forum, but sadly the reality seems to be that this forum is dead.. As much as I detest the idea of joining a dot com (USA/Worldwide) based forum to discuss what is ultimately an Australian bird, it may be the only way that I'll find an active forum... Thanks..
  3. Hi Everyone.. I have generally fed my budgies "Trill" Budgie food as their main source of seed, but I have often wondered, "Is there something that is better"..? I must admit that I have had some concerns in regard to the consistency of the Trill seed, especially when I could see my budgies "seemingly" avoid seed that has come from a new packet/box... I will only have one bird, so buying large bags of individual seeds and mixing my own is just not economically viable.. Would I be better off buying a seed mix from a Petshop?? Also, how long does seed stay "Fresh" for?? Cheers Mark..
  4. Hi Everyone, My name is Mark.. Sadly my little mate "Tweety" (the budgie) passed away early last week.. He was named Tweety by my niece as he was quite yellow when he was young... He seemed to develop more green as he aged, but the name was still quite fitting as he loved to sit in his cage and talk, chirp and whistle away, making all sorts of racket just like the cartoon character he was named after.... Its funny how that you don't realise the difference that they make to your life until they are gone.. Anyway, sometime in the very near future I plan to get a new budgie, but I would like to get one that is still young enough that I can hand raise, and hopefully have him tame enough that he will not be scared of me so that he can come out of his cage and have a fly around if he/she wants to.. I found this site whilst searching online for breeders (to buy a new budgie).. I have been doing quite a bit of reading, I learned a few things that I didn't know, and also a have few questions that I hope that you can answer for me.. Thanks Mark..
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