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  1. Hi everyone, I bought my first baby a few days ago. She (I think) is settling in nicely. I am hoping to tame her and have lots of questions about all sorts of things. Looking forward to this journey with her
  2. Hi! Im a budgie novice. I got my first budgie a few days ago. Its still only a young bird and am wanting to tame it. I have been sitting near it and putting my hand in for a few minutes. Today we had a breakthrough. It allowed me to stroke its belly and then stood on my fingers for a minute or so a couple of times now! however...As i approach and also when its on my hand it bites me all over. It doesn't seem aggressive and does not hurt at all. But I am unsure what this behaviour means. Is it testing out the "new object", or is it that the bird is frightened? As I mentioned this is all new to me so want to know if I should back off or just keep going with what Im doing? thank you
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