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  1. Hi George. So I am not exactly an expert on budgies, but I have had them for years and I have learnt a thing or two. I just got a new budgie a while ago and I am in a relatively similar situation. First of all, the gender problem. It is pretty easy to tell the gender of a budgerigar. Male budgies have a slightly blue tinge to their noses (above the beak), whereas a females will have a pinkish or light brown colour. Some sources say that females have a more painful bite but that's not true- I have had plenty of males that can draw quite a bit of blood when they want to. The main p
  2. Okay. So I got this budgie for my birthday about two weeks ago and he will step onto my hand whenever I want but he never lets me pet him. When I try he either bites me or flies away, squawking. What do I do??! I have been talking softly to him and letting him rest when he's out of the cage and apparently doing everything right but he just hates it. He also won't eat fruit or millet so I can't really distract him or anything and he won't play with any of the toys. I have another one that will let me do pretty much whatever I want to her and she loves the toys, I have also been trying to get
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