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  1. my 3 from my first batch are all doing well there flying and they like to sit on my chest and watch TV little rain storm is saying bugger it,and bugger that.so no more BBC for that chick.
  2. okay thanks all it is the first time i even hear of them doing this.I have removed the older fledglings to a new cage,they seem to be doing okay i seen them at the seed dish i put in there and seen one of them getting water, PS Two eggs now in nest.
  3. well i got up this morning and every thing seemed fine then the mom started to attack a chick so i took the chick out and went to get the othere two chicks in the nest box and found a egg. So when its time for laying a new batch does the mother kill her older chicks ?
  4. okay it is only mom and dad in cage plus 4 babys now 3 (chikk died) they are around 7 or 8 weeks old mom is still feeding 2 of them one is eating on its own.looks like it was only mom that was the killer dad seemed to be trying to get her way from the baby,there are no other birds in my house.
  5. i got up to day to find one of my babys on the floor of its cage, head is all bloody no feathers beak all most pulled off.Mother and father beaks all bloody.Why did this happen i have looked all over the enet for info on budgies doing this and seems i am the first.Help please they have 3 more babys and i'm scared the will do this again. PS Baby is still alive but will not last the night.
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