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  1. bazza65


    Hello My 12 week old budgie is moulting at the moment, and I am concerned about giving him the right tonics to help him through the moult. As a new owner I am feeding my budgie Trill seeds for budgies.Is that a good brand? He will not touch any greens or fruits. Thanks Baz
  2. bazza65

    First Timer

    Hi Thanks a lot for the info.It will help me imensely. Cheers Bazza65
  3. bazza65

    First Timer

    Hi to all,I am from Ballajura In Perth WA. I have bought a budgie in the last week and wanted to know the premium birdseed i should buy. i.e.Brand,where from,etc. Are there any supplements I should be adding to the water. Thanks for your help. Bazza65
  4. Thanks Robyn, I shall persevere.
  5. Hello I hope someone can help me.It’s in regard to a budgie I bought last week, privately. The budgie is about 5 weeks old and male. For the first 2 days he was very quiet, but in the last few days he paces his cage most of the time. He bits the bars. He is eating very well and generally looks healthy and bright. He has toys to amuse himself with. I have managed to get him onto my hand and eat from my palm, but when the seed has finished he then tries to bite me. He is very comfortable with my hand comes right upto my face through the bars when I talk to him Can you explain this behaviour his constant pacing behaviour. Thanks
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