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  1. Thank you for the reply. Bugger
  2. Can anyone help please. I have just noticed that my hens cere looks a bit crusty on one side. It is also a very dark brown. Can anyone let me know why this has happened? Didn't notice this yesterday , yes colour was dark then. Just not crusty. Cheers and thanks in advance ? Best I could get Does this mean she is in condition or not in condition to breed??? Pretty please any advise.
  3. Shazza is being a bit stubborn and not wanting to stay still. I'm still trying to get a good picture. Thought maybe she'd stay still for some celery lol okay this should do I hope. Sorry for so many post
  4. Fee wee


    Cheers Finnie, yes I'm slowly reading them all. This site is wonderful for information. Thank you for the welcome and the heads up. I'm sure you will read from me again. With a bit of luck with some news on eggs lol Cheers and thank you.
  5. Thank you for the help and info Finnie I thought Shazza was a yellow face also as her marking on her head/ front of chest do seem different to Aussies. But I think maybe a little wishful thinking there. I was only basing it on what I had read and have no experience so I will go with what nick has said. I do have the breeders contact details , but it's switching straight to answering service. As I really don't know much and am still only reading and learning I knew someone on here would know more. I will try and get a couple more better shots of Shazza today if possible. ( she has been spendi
  6. I have been reading, and by no means expect a hand out on hard earn info. From what I've gathered I'm after a YF 2 mutation & The double factor birds contain less yellow than single factor birds. ?? Is this correct??? Next question is, I live in cranbourne Victoria would any of you know a reputable breeder that is local?
  7. Thank you so much for the reply and helpful answer. Here is the closest I could of getting a picture of the back of Shazza My next question if you have the time is, I love the teal blue colored budgies. I have another breeding cage set up, and would really love to be able to breed in these colours.( in the future) What combo would be best for my second pair to enhance the chance of producing the teal colour. Again thank you for your time in answering appreciate it
  8. I am new to breeding and am still getting my head around the different variations and combination as they seem endless. Please find attached pictures of my two budgies Aussie and Shazza. If anyone with knowledge can let me know eg if pied, opaline etc I'd be very grateful. This first picture is of Shazza the hen. http://i1370.photobu...zps26bd0a87.jpg http://i1370.photobu...zps20bc92c0.jpg In this picture you can see Aussie the male in front and Shazza in the back ground. Moderator’s Message photo's turned to link because it was over the size regulation of 640x480,
  9. Fee wee


    http://i1370.photobucket.com/albums/ag241/patfeedawson/imagejpg12_zps26bd0a87.jpg The above picture is of Shazza http://i1370.photobucket.com/albums/ag241/patfeedawson/imagejpg7_zpsacc6f128.jpg This picture is of Aussie up the front and Shazza in the back ground Moderator’s Message photo turned to link because it was over the size regulation of 640x480, please resize before posting images again
  10. I'm new to all the breeding side. But I did read that removing the female into her own cage, away from the males and without a breeding box this will stop the mating process. If there are chicks still in the box as long as they are over 3 wks old the dad should take over the feeding but have to keep a eye on chicks to make sure that is happening. Hopefully what I have read regarding this is correct and if I am wrong can someone please correct me so I can also learn the correct way . Cheers and good luck
  11. Fee wee


    G'day all. New to this site. Thank you for the add. I have two budgies Aussie and Shazza. And am looking at breeding. My grand father and my mum both breed budgerigars and I always enjoyed helping. It's taken me a while to get the cage right ( well what I have read and remember) and select my to feather babies. So I am hoping all the reading and time spent researching pays off. Aussie and Shazza have bonded well, Shazza has been working the nest, Aussie is feeding her and doing his little show off dance. So I think it's is safe to say I have a happy pair together. Just to put it out there