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  1. Thank you Finnie and Birdluv for your replies! We have separated the two birds (separate cages in different rooms). School holidays are upon us so we will be able to dedicate more time to them. We were trying to train daily but their bond was too strong and they went backwards rather than forwards. The male, who has always been more receptive to us has been out of his cage twice today and sitting on our fingers a little. The female is more wary but we are trying to chat more to her and have our finger in her cage even if she avoids sitting on it. Also, Birdluv, how do I see your whole topic on training? I can only see one post from the link above....
  2. We have had two beautiful budgies for around a month - both came at about age 6 weeks from a small breeder. We had read that by getting two budgies we were running the risk that they would bond to each other rather than us and be difficult to train. This seems to be true and they are now going backwards rather than forwards in their training. We were able to get them out of their cage (though they'd mainly just sit on top of it) but now they are scared whenever we open the cage and are nearly impossible to catch. They sit together nearly all the time and the female will nip us even if we are trying to get the male onto our finger. Any tips!? We love them and would really like it if they would get used to flying out of the cage and sitting on our fingers.
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