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  1. Wow, Thanks BudgieLover - I want her to be a girl too, but some people say, its a boy (Dark green Recessive pied, pink cere !!). I would love some more opinions
  2. Am I a girl, opinions about gender / mutation/ age ?
  3. Hello, I am A first time budgie owner, No past experience, but have read a lot about budgies. purchased two budgies from pet shop yesterday. Named them after programming languages Scala / Groovy (I am a software developer Look at the thread for pics of my budgies, and (to help me confirm their sex)
  4. Thanks for your reply, How old the blue one looks like ? To me, it seems like less then 4 months ? If both are boyz.. why is the younger one (blue) trying to defend his territory, which is commonly seen in female ! Any one else has any comments ?
  5. I got my first pair of budgie last night. First night was not that bad for them. I put them in a quiet place, put some vegetables and millet in cage. I covered the top of cage with a thing clothe, with front open. I left the night lamp on for the night. Within four hours, I noticed them eating millet. I dint see them sleeping. And now, on the second day. they are chirping, preening, eating vegetables and millet. I noticed that they become more active when I play budgie sounds on youtube.
  6. I just got a pair from a pet shop. However I am not very sure about the female. Can some one check the pics and confirm the age and sex. Pics of budgie : Groovy - (Expecting female) And here the picture of scala, which I think is male They are named Scala and Groovy. Groovy behaves aggressive and chases scala away, she is more active, walks back and forth on the perches. Scala is calm and less vocal. Thanks