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  1. Olivia had past away on July 13,2014 she was 6 months old Any what happen was,she got out of a carrie cage and land on my neighbor tree. We try to get her,she flew away. So I have my new bird Leilani. I had her for 10 week and 3 days. Do you know what kind of mutation parakeet she is. Here are photos of her.
  2. Hi, a birds colour will come through as soon as it fledges, it may darken in colour after it moults but the basic colour will stay the same. Your bird is not a baby, i.e. under 3 mths but it's hard to tell how old she is but looks like she is coming into or going out of breeding cond.. Depending on the mutation etc the weight does not really decide the age of the bird. I have more photos if you want to look. I know she is still motin. And her eyes has the Iris rings. It was black,now its gray now.
  3. Here what she look like. No I never breed her she young
  4. Do you think she is young. I'm having a big argumen,with this person this person is driving me crazy tell me my budgies a year when I can tell she's still young some young bodies will get there color early than others am I correct?AgeWeight (In Grams)0-2 days4-63-6 days5-121-2 weeks12-452-3 weeks45-723-4 weeks72-1084-5 weeks80-1205-6 weeks80-906-7 weeks80-957 weeks - Adult90-110
  5. they yellow one is a female and the blue is a male
  6. Hi I am new I have a parakeet name Olivia. Now I am going to do a dna or you guys can help. A lot of people are saying male some say female. I say female too. My parakeet do not have purple or pink. The only color I see is lite blue,with a tint of white around the nose,tan,and brown just now.. Please help me
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