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  1. Hello there, I'm new here.One of my Bonded Pair had 5 Baby Chicks and the 2 oldest once are now 7Weeks old and maybe you Guys can help me with the Gender. I think I have 2 Female there but with the Rest I'm not to sure yet.
  2. Hope somebody could give me some advice.
  3. Thanks Katie, Yes I will breed them but not this year because there are not a year yet.
  4. Hello maybe somebody could help me with my Question. Well my 2 Female are going through the first Cere change. It is pretty Brown now. I don't want to breed them yet because there are not a year yet. I have noticed that my 2 boy now starting to go very close to one of my Female they don't bother the other one yet. There feather stick up they fly where ever she is. I know all this is normale behavior, right? But one of my Male who is always around her will chase the other Male away and he also will pick a fight with him and then both end up on the bottom of the Cage. They are every Loud and it sounds like a Argument. You must know before I always just had Boys and now with the Females is all new to me. My Question would be, should I desperate them or will it be okay?? Don't want anybody to get hurt. If somebody could help me out that would be great.
  5. Hi my Name is Bianca and I live in Canada now since 2000. Before that in Scotland but I grew up in Germany. When I was a Teenager I always had two Budgie and now since a couple of Month I got myself four Budgies again. I love watching them and spending Time with them. Started of with two beautiful little Girls ( Cinny & Minny ) after a while I got two beautiful Boys ( Benny & Lenny). I love them and love watching them play. I spend as much time with them as I can. This should do for now My Boys are in the front and Girls are at the back
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