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  1. Hey just wondering what can I put on my budgies feet as a type of moisturiser ? They look dry with the cool weather coming in
  2. Hey just wondering what can I put on my budgies feet as a type of moisturiser ? They look dry with the cool weather coming in
  3. Hi Budgie_Mad Thanks for this. I have since then spoken to the Vet and they have ordered the drug for my other bird. After being out of stock for months and months I hopefully will have some sent to me by next week for my other budgie It was so sad but the Vet said that there was nothing really that could be done as the drug is not available nor no vets had it where I am situated! I suppose I feel bad & responsible also as I was not home at the time and our neighbours were there looking after them. At least we know now and I can keep the drug for the new bird that we may be getting! I was thinking of making a memory album with all his photos and videos over his 5 years. Thoughts?
  4. Hi Nadene I just feel like I could have done more, I dont think sulphadim would have helped in this case either. I just hate how the one drug that you need is no readily available. I can tell my girl budgie misses him but we cant get her a new friend until she is clean. She keeps looking around and tweeting it is breaking my heart in two
  5. Hi I just lost my budgie of 5 years on Saturday with me not by his side (we were away and friends were looking after him). I noticed that he was fluffed up and looked like he had gone for a bath - heaps of pin feathers. He didnt look right so I contacted the vet - he said if he is still eating, drinking and playing let him be. I left it for 2 days and he had gone back to normal. He continued to be a little bit fluffed but put it down to the change in the weather. I contacted the vet and he stated if he was still in his normal routine that he should be okay but just to monitor to see if his health decreases. As soon as we went near him he was playing with us, chirping and being his normal self. there was no change in his behaviour only that he was sleeping a little longer in the morning (had to get close up to him to wake him up - have to do that with our other budgie normally so just thought it was a habit he picked up). that was it. We figured that it was a little bug and that it had gotten out of his system over the week. Easting, drinking, playing and pooing habits stayed the same. As he is a constant biter it is hard for us to get him out at the best of times but we get him out at least once a week for a run around the house with out other budgie so we would of relised that something was wrong if he did not want to play etc. When we went on holidays on the 25/04/2014 he was playing, chriping and eating (the same amount as normal) We left them with the radio on, fan on, windows open and heaps of food and water as per a normal day The neighbours checked on him on the 26/04/2014 and found him at the bottom of the cage, they called me straight away and I called the vet - he met them at the surgury with my little man but he was dead on arrival in the space of 1 hr. The vet then later told me that I had to bring girl bird in as Gizmo (the one that passed away) was really sick with megabacteriosis. He tested her and sent her home only to say to keep doing what we are doing. The drug that is required is not registered in QLD and in only in NSW. The suppliers in NSW has run out has not given an ETA on new stock. Looking back now I dont think that it would have mattered if we took him in the week before as all the papers that I have read his poor organs would have been damaged already by that stage by this disease. Even the avian vet (best where we are located) didnt even think of testing for it all the times he went there as he was a happy healthy bird, crop was always full etc. I feel as though it was my fault that he died and after some reassurance that we did everything we could. Thanks Sad Owner
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