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  1. Hi. I would really appreciate if someone could upload a PDF of a blank pedigree card and a nesting box card please. Thanks Kyle
  2. Hi. Would really appreciate some 2nd opinions on pairing the following birds for colour. Birds have already been selected as best birds and possible pairings as to complement each other. Pair one Sky opaline cock. X Sky spangle hen Pair two Dark green normal cock. X. Grey green cinnamon hen Pair 3 Light green normal cock. X. Normal cobalt hen Pair 4 Grey normal cock. X. Grey green opaline cinnamon hen Pair 5 Lutino cock. X. Light green normal hen. (Full sister to cock in pair 3) Thanks in advance Kyle
  3. I am planning to build two new split suspended moveable cages (aviaries). Would budgies escape through 25 x 25 mm mesh? Thanks Kyle
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