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  1. Okay, so recently I have been researching a lot about how budgies need a lot of different variety perches, but some pet stores offer many trash and possibly harmful products. I do think my budgies' nails are pretty long, but the problem is all of their nails are black, so I can't trim them myself without guessing where the quick is. I also have never trimmed them before, so I don't want to risk it. Are there any specific perches that you guys recommend I use? And can you tell me some perches that should be avoided? I am very confused because some people say "get this perch" and other people say that the perch is very dangerous... So I'm going to list some possible perches and see what you guys think: 1. http://www.amazon.com/Living-World-Pedi-Perch-Medium-Color/dp/B0002DGYZK/ref=lh_ni_t?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A2701FG002WN6Z (Are pedicure perches good? Or are they bad?) 2. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000K8T6ZW/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER 3. Sand perches...I've heard a lot of negative feedback on those, but I'm not sure if it's actually true...Are they harmful? 4. Do cement perches work? I want to add some things like a rope perch in there but I've heard that you need your budgies' nails to be trimmed first because they can easily get caught... So again, what should I do? Note: My budgies are not tamed, and I have 2 pairs of budgies in separate cages. Thanks, Aquafroste
  2. I'm starting to get a little worried about their stools, because they don't seem quite normal... I'll post a photo of them tomorrow. But I saw today that the female was using the cuttlebone
  3. She's doing a little better... She doesn't seemed to be puffed up all the time, the other day I checked and saw her looking a little stiff and scared for some reason, and I tried to make her feel comfortable by feeding her some seeds, but maybe she was being content. But the day when she consumed quite a large amount of the cuttlebone was possible a couple weeks ago...I'm not sure if she is still using the cuttlebone or not. The two chicks still have watery stools, and it's been a few months ever since they started eating seeds. Is this still normal?
  4. Um... My female isn't really tame... So I tried looking at her again, and I noticed that her feathers are kind of unruffled near her vent, but it's not swollen. One day she consumed like one third of the cuttlebone... And lately I haven't observed her touching it that much since. Would not putting the nesting box in cause her to have egg bound because she doesn't have a place to lay her eggs? I'm confused, how do tumors form??? And I don't have any vitamin supplements, but I could try getting some if you know any specific ones that will help. I also know that puffing up can also be a sign of content? She is interacting with the male quite often. Still not sure whether or not I should put the nesting box back... Would it harm her if she laid too many eggs?
  5. I've been breeding two budgies. There's another forum that talks about my experiences so far: http://forums.budgie...showtopic=33062 So at the moment, I have the mom and dad budgie in a cage together and I put the two baby budgies in a separate cage. I've noticed that the mom and dad are still in breeding condition months after they had their first round...About two months perhaps? The mother has been acting strangely, because she is puffed up sometimes and she is arching her back so that her back is quite flat and her tail is horizontal. I've noticed a lump near her bottom, and I don't know if that could be egg bound. She has calcium, as I have a cuttlebone in there. I don't know whether or not I should put her nesting box back in the cage...Because I don't want her to start another round because I researched online that it can be dangerous for her to lay too many eggs per year. Please tell me if I can avoid starting another round of chicks without causing her to be egg bound. Or tell me if I need to put the nesting box back so she has a place to lay her eggs I'm in need of help!
  6. Oh no I'm scared... Okay so I took out the nesting box, and it's been a few weeks when the young budgies are on their own and the parents are together... But I've noticed that the female's cere is still crusty and the male's cere is still dark blue...I've researched and I found out that this means that they are still in breeding condition. Does that mean that the female has an egg in her? She's started to get puffy lately...And her tail tip twitches a little bit...She's not that active, but she was like that when she was caring for the babies...Is she egg bound? Should I put the nesting box back in so she can lay her eggs??? Please help!!! here are some photos: She hasn't touched her cuttlebone lately...
  7. Is it okay to give my budgies cooked veggies? Like for example, sweet corn? (Well that's boiled not cooked)
  8. Okay, So I will try giving the budgies different foods,but do you have any idea when I should take out the vegetables and fruit once I left them in the cage for a while? And for some reason the baby budgies are still occasionally wandering on the bottom of the cage...?
  9. I have tried offering some carrot to the baby budgies, but so far they haven't touched anything yet. Is there any other veggies that you recommend? And thank for the tip about the watery droppings!
  10. Thank you for explaining! Okay I have a new arrangement for the budgies: First I noticed that there was urine around some of the droppings in the cage where it contained the mother and the chicks. I did some research and found out that this could be due to the fact that the mother was stressed out, so I did try and grab the mother budgie with a washcloth to put the mother with the father. The mother was terrified and I could not grab her in the washcloth, because she was flying around the cage way too fast. I then decided that I shouldn’t put the mother budgie with the male. Later on, I realized that the mother was chasing one of the baby budgies (the one that was begging for food) and she was pecking at him pretty aggressively. I lined the two cages up (the other cage containing the father budgie) and opened up the cage doors. The mother flew into the other cage and that left the chicks on their own. The mother and father were happy for a few days, because the mother budgie was occasionally bobbing her head up and down. Then they settled back down into only (I like you but I won’t really interact with you) type of relationship again. The chicks were doing fine: I still had both of the cages lined up right next to each other, so the chicks learned how to eat from the seed bowls. (I put in some dispensers and they found that easier to reach so the chicks are eating from that now). The chicks were longing to get into the other cage, and the mother showed interest in the chicks, along with the father. I’m thinking of putting them all back together once I know what gender the chicks are. I’m thinking that the splayed leg chick is a male, because his cere is slightly blue. Still not sure about the other chick though. I’m still wondering about the urine with the droppings: The other day I found a small pool of urine on the cage floor, but it wasn’t as severe as the other day. (This is in the cage with the chicks). The splayed leg chick seemed to adjust to the perches so he can get around a little easier now
  11. So one day my male budgie's head had uneven feathers, and it seemed to me like a dark line on his head. At first I thought he just ruffled his feathers...But it's still there today and it was more noticeable today. After I looked at it, the line was kind of red. I'm confused is my budgie sick...? Here are some pictures: Is this normal?
  12. Hi, I posted some pictures of the splayed leg chick above. It CAN perch, but it cannot move from side to side and the chick is unbalanced. I also noticed a really strange behavior coming from one of the chicks? (The other chick). I believe that they are both males, but I might be wrong. So what happened was that the non-crippled chick was chasing after the mother, and it was trying to nibble at the feet and feathers of the mom. The mom pecked at the chick because she clearly didn't like it, but I believe the chick wants to groom his mother, and I'm confused? The chick was bobbing its head up and down... It can't possibly be because the chick wants to...uh...mate? The chick is WAY too young, but I'm disturbed by this. I don't want the mom to like the chick more than the father, because I plan to put the mom back with the father in the separate cage. I tried carrying the cage that the father was in into the same room that contained the other cage, and the mom started bobbing her head and flying around the cage. I think that the mom misses the father. I'll see what happens once I put the mom with the father on Friday. (Oh, and the two chicks can eat, it's just that they only eat the seed when I bring it up to them. They can't go down to the seed bowl by themselves.) Can anyone tell me what's happening between the chick and the mom? Also if I should put the mom with the father and leave the chicks alone in a separate cage? Thanks, Aquafroste
  13. Okay, I took the nesting box away from the mother so that she will not lay any more eggs. But the male budgie is in a separate cage, and Finnie wanted me to separate the parents for a week? Now there are two budgie chicks in the cage with the mom, and the dad in a separate cage. Should I put one of the chicks with the father? He does seem lonely...Also is it possible that the two parents can breed again next breeding season?
  14. I think there's another issue. I have a splayed leg chick, and the splint doesn't seem to have worked... Here's some pics: And here's the other older budgie: THe splayed leg chick cannot stand on the perches! It keeps on falling off when I tried it when I took it outside of the nesting box. Any suggestions on what to do? ~Aquafroste
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