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  1. HI there, Just wondering if anyone can help with the mutations and colours for my new babies. I have had a guess but some are hard to tell, Greywing, Clearwing, Dilute etc. I breed the parents and have attached photos of there parents as well. First photo should be of my current pair and there babies, 2nd photo is of the Hens parents and siblings, 3rd photo is of the Cocks parents and siblings. Thanks for your help, Ange
  2. Lovely Birds, Just my guess but i would say the: Hen (Left) in the above picture may be a cobolt normal with violet factor? The cock (right) in the above picture looks to be a cobolt normal. Your other Hen looks like a spangle sky blue The other cock looks like a Yellow Face spangle sky blue. Just a guess though
  3. Baby No.1 YF Type 2 Opaline Cobolt? Baby No.2 YF Type 2 Normal Sky Blue? Baby No.3 YF Type 2 Opaline Cobolt? Baby No.4 YF Type 2 Normal Cobolt? Baby No.5 Normal Cobolt Baby No.6 Normal
  4. 7th egg hatched today. I checked all babies over and all are well feed and growing fast. Oldest 3 are already showing some colours in there pin feathers. I feed the parents seed, milet spray, seed bell, fresh carot, silverbeet and cooked egg every day. They also have a mineral bell, cuttle bone & fresh water in there cage. I have hand reared babies before, so i will step in and hand rear a few of them if i see the parents are not coping or some of the babies are not being feed well. 100% fertile rate and hatch rate for this pair. I am very happy with these budgies All seems well for now All eggs have hatched, 7 babies in the clutch. This is my breeding cage
  5. 6th Egg has hatched, all 6 babies are being feed well. I wonder if the 7th and final egg will hatch??
  6. Hi Jim and Welcome I To am new to this forum and i must say our lives are sounding somewhat similar! I too have a horse background, ridding training and a bit of braking in as well. I am currently a mum to two small kids so not much time for horses at the moment! I am also very interested in the genetic side to breeding Budgies as a hobbie. I look forward to your updates on your lovely flock and of corse your babies as well! I have my last pair raising there last clutch for this season as it is starting to get a bit cold here in New Zealand. You have some very lovely looking Budgies Cheers, Ange
  7. Wonderful News!! Checked on the clutch thismorning and the youngest baby has a full crop and has been well feed over night by the parents! I will keep an eye on them all to make sure they are being feed well, and will step in if i need to.
  8. These are some pics of my last clutch for the season before winter comes. Leo - YF Type 2 Opaline sky blue Cock Bella - Dilute Cobolt Blue Hen laid 7 eggs. First & Second Eggs Hatched on the 14th April 2014 Third Egg Hatched on the 15th April 2014 Fourth Egg Hatched on the 18th April 2014 Fifth Egg Hatched on the 20th April 2014 Baby No.5 Hatched yesterday. I checked twice yesterday and Baby had no food in its crop. Check on baby No.5 again today and still no food in its crop so i have given it some formula feeds today. about 3-4 hours inbetween formula feeding and its crop has completely emptied between hand feeds. Parents seem to still have not feed the youngest chick. I will check it again in the morning if its still alive i will be hand rearing that chick, but leaving it in the nest between feeds so hopefuly parents might start feeding it.
  9. Welcome to the forum, i too am from New Zealand
  10. Hi there, im sorry to here about you sick budgie. I dont have any ideas for you sorry. Your bird sure does look like a hen (Female) in breeding condition. Female budgies have different colouring cere's all through there lives. They are white/blue ish when not in breeding condition and change to be red/tan/brown when in breeding condtion. Cocks (Males) cere's are never brown, the are full pink/purple when they are very young (Some mutations stay this way for life) then stay bright blue and dont change. I hope you find the answers your looking for, best of luck with your budgie
  11. I think Opal is a Greywing Cobolt and Bella is a Dilute Coblot maybe??
  12. Hey there, I just wanted to share some photos of the double breeding cages i have built. I have only built one double cage so far but i am planing to build more soon! I bought 15 wire fronts and metal pull out trays second hand and i have made the cages to that size. Each cage is 60cm wide, 30cm high, 30cm deep. I have had to mount my boxes inside the cage as i dont have enough room in my aviary to mount them on the outside.
  13. Oh wow those breeding cages look awesome! Well done I cant wait to see your bird room and aviary all finished!!
  14. Thanks! yes we are very lucky to live on a big beautyful farm
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