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    BIRDS!<br />Parrots!<br />Birds! And more birds!<br />I love birds and I hope to one day have my own bird sanctuary which provides tours to educate the public and parrot conservation and proper bird care. <br /><3<br />I am also a human rights activist and have worked with groups like Amnesty Internation and have participated in numerous protests about the Darfur genocide.<br />In addition I am part of a group that works not only with human rights but environmental and animal rights as well. <br />I'm also a huge Sims fan. I waste a lot of time playing sims haha.<br />I love to write and I am an avid reader.
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  1. I haven't seen that at my pet store. I got a powder kind... in the reptile/amphibian part of the store, they had none for birds. powder... is that okay to sprinkle in the water and mix in?
  2. So... Newton has been constantly shoving the food out of the food bowls in the cage. Meaning: messier than usual, wasted food, and often leaves the other birds super confused. Yesterday I figured out WHY she has been doing this obsessively. She's been trying to make a nest. I found an egg laid in the food bowl and I noticed that she had laid others on the floor of the cage. I'm getting worried... I'm decreasing the amount of daylight she's getting. I can't do anything about the fact that she has a mate... I keep the birds together and don't want to separate her because she'll see it as punishment and I wouldn't feel right. I'm trying to remove anywhere she might possibly lay the eggs and I'm NOT removing them from the cage. And I've been giving her tons of spinach (which has calcium) but I'd like to make sure she's getting enough by using a supplement. I have some on hand and have usually put it over the food, but since she's going nuts shoving the food onto the floor I was thinking of putting it in the water... but I had no idea if that was a good idea or not??? If someone could let me know it would be appreciated.. thanks... If I notice another egg laid by mid-next week, I'm going to the vet.
  3. Hi all! I know I haven't been here in a while. Tsk tsk to me. I've been busy with school. I am happy to say that all the babies are grown up and doing great :glare: I'm just wondering, a while ago I saw a pinned topic about a pamphlet type thing that had information for first time budgie owners. I'd like to download it and print it because I'm in charge of an animal rights group at my college and would like to add it to our information binder! I can't seem to locate it. Hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about ! Thanks -Steph
  4. Papaya is so freaking cute! Just wanted to say that. hehe.
  5. Okay, so I've tried to find information about this. I think basically I just need a briefing, maybe it's a dumb question. I always wondered how you went about getting pied budgies. Where does that mutation come from? Is it possible for two non-pied birds to have pied babies? Why or why not? Thank you!
  6. I'd like to convert an old shed into a bird room/aviary type of thing. I was wondering if anyone on the forums has had experience with building any type of aviary outside for colder climates. Thanks.
  7. anyone have a link for any ebay stores that sell the split plastic rings?
  8. Newton is my only tame budgie. Apart from her new babies. They seem tame enough, but I'm not going to jinx it now. I'm superstitious. 1. How old was your budgie (s) when you purchased him/her I'd say she was about 3-6 months. They never really told me. She was definitely under 1 year. 2. If you tamed your budgie right out of the nest, when did you start taming and handling the chick? n/a (Newton was labelled as a handfed budgie at the petshop) 3. Was your budgie tame a little or not at all? Nooooo way. So scared. 4. When you tamed your budgie was he the only budgie, or did you buy them in pairs, or was he an addition? Did your first budgie stay tame, and how did the taming go for the additional budgie (s) Newton was alone with me for a year and a half, almost 2 years. When I added Napoleon to the mix after quarantine, she stayed tame. Became a bit more nippy but still same old bossy Newton. 5. What is your best tip you can give? What did YOU find worked well for you and WHY? Be patient. Seriously. It took me forever to get Newton used to me. FOREVER. I wasn't aggressive about her taming though. I pretty much just let her get used to me. Maybe that's why she's bossy haha. The babies I'm taming and handling now, same deal. Just be patient and never ever force the bird into a situation they don't want to be in. I've tried all those other techniques with my other birds and they're not tame at all. But then again, I also bought those birds when they were older and I never clip their wings. A solo budgie is easy to tame. Every other additional budge was a difficult task. I never tamed any of them. The month quarantine was simply not enough time. With Newton I spent my entire school year doing my homework beside her, letting her fly around me and come up to me. I would rarely attack her with my hands, and eventually I began to approach her but she trusted me. It was a slowwww process. In fact, part of me doesn't even remember the transition period. Just be patient and accept that some birds are just not going to be the tamest birds in the world. Still, love them all the same!
  9. I'm keeping my babies, is it alright to just keep them in the same cage as the parents? I'm always hearing of people moving their babies to a nursery cage. I suppose that's just because they're giving them away or planning to sell them. Just curious! thanks.
  10. Well that's super awesome! It's really cute to see!
  11. So. Today I was sitting on the floor admiring my budgies. Mum eating lots of millet and then popping out to see me. Dad sleeping up top. Oldest baby eating some seed and being fed my mom. Youngest exploring outside of the box and in his little igloo. Then out of nowhere. Oldest baby starts to feed the other!!! Is that normal?? What's up with that?
  12. ah okay! The baby with the blue-ish feet is a dilute grey. So I'm guessing that's normal?
  13. So what's the dealio with blue feet? The oldest baby now is freaking huge and out of the nestbox. I've noticed he has blue-ish feet. Is this genetic? Does it have to do with male/female? Also, he/she seems to be bobbing his/her head A LOT. Does this mean I possibly have a male? Or is it something else?
  14. Oh gosh! That sounds horrid! :S Eesshh. Daz the chicks were attacking the parents? That sounds so bizarre.
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