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  1. Hello I currently feed my 34 little monsters seed daily consisting of white/french millet, normal panicum/red, canary, jap. The vegetables I feed them atm are spinach, corn, broccoli and carrot. They also have cuttlebone and iodine bells. I am looking at adding cucumber, beans, peas, lentils and boiled eggs to the mix. I want to start off this mix three times a week. I'm thinking I'll do two eggs once a week. I also want to add bottlebrush once a week and gum branches once a week, perhaps some hibiscus flowers if I can find them. I am going to write up charts for each day I will give them these things and mark off when I have, I find keeping records of things makes me more likely to do it and I am able to take these records to the vet as well. Does this sound like reasonable addition to their diets? Anything that can be given more frequently i.e eggs or anything else essential to add each week? Thank you
  2. It's hot today -.-

    1. Budgie_Mad


      It's actually cooler here today, which is a pleasant surprise.

    2. Kristy12345


      Lol it's hot again here today...you're lucky, cool weather is great :)

  3. Hello everyone Just some quick info as I signed up two days ago and I've posted about one of my budgies but I thought it was a bit rude not to introduce myself and my birds. Well lol, I'm Kristy, I'm 26 and as of yesterday (I brought three more couldn't help myself) I am the happy owner of 34 budgies. They are all different shapes, sizes and colors...some are cheeky, some fast, some bossy, some fat and lazy haha they all have their own little personality and that's why I enjoy them, as well as their songs. I have named some in my aviary but haven't named them all yet. I have two a female Bing and a male Boy who have their own separate cages out the back, they are spoilt. Boy talks and mimics all the weird noises I make and I've had Bing for years and years, she likes to mimic bird calls. I got Boy with the intention of putting him in my aviary but he started talking so I decided to keep him as a friend for Bing. My aviary is quite a large one three meters long by four meters wide so I'm enjoying filling it with noisy balls of fluff when I have the money...I'm thinking 50 would be a nice number as they are a flock bird but I want them to have room to move and fly around I really enjoy their music in the early mornings I've noticed it's when they seem most active and playful. I love it when it rains at night too because the aviary roof is tin and when they hear the rain on it they all start singing haha it's really nice. I also have three small quails in the aviary, two male one female, one of the males is the now grown baby of the other two. I've had quails and their babies in the aviary since it was made in 2011 by my father and papa.They are funny little things, they do the weirdest things sometimes. I will post some pictures of my birds when I know how to put them up and not just in links Well that's a little about my birds..not much about me haha but I hope to make some friends on here, plus I like this site it's full of helpful info
  4. Thank you for the welcome http://postimg.org/image/evgticml3/ http://postimg.org/image/l66of7k2f/ Hopefully this works haha if they aren't good enough photos I'll take more
  5. Hello everyone, I am new here and after a bit of behavior advice. A couple of weeks ago I brought a pastel yellow/blue budgie and he (I believe it's a he) has been very quiet and sweet until the last little while when I noticed he started to become a little bossy with the other two budgies he was in quarantine with. I just put it down to being in a small contained cage for too long. But a couple of days ago I released him into my aviary, I have two yellow males in there and he is aggressive towards them..especially one. He chases it around the cage a lot, tries to stand on him and just gives him a hard time, the other yellow he will try to bite. He gets a bit pushy with the others but not as much as the two yellows...I don't understand this behavior. I have taken him out of the aviary for the time being as I don't want him relentlessly annoying the others. I don't want to sell him but if he isn't suited with my birds I might have too. Is this behavior something he will grow out of when he is older? Thank you for any help :)
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