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  1. We treated her leg. All seems to be okay for now. We are holding off breeding until the wound is healed and to give them all time to calm down from the scare and all the moving around. We moved the pair back into the bigger cage with our other budgie Max.
  2. My breeding hen Rarity man aged to escape her breeding cage while changing food. She landed on our rat cage. The rat bit her let and clamped down. It took both me and my husband to get them apart. The vets were closed. She bled a lot but did not act phased at all. She is not tame but after that she clung to me for a bit. When the bleeding stopped we saw a wound on her leg above her toes. She walks fine and flies fine and is back to being hand shy. Is there a chance for deeper damage if the leg shows no sign of redness or swelling today? My husband is calling a vet but I was wanting some advice from experienced people too. The vet we found does birds but he is mostly a cat and dog vet! Should we hold off breeding and put the pair back in the bigger cage with our other budgie? Advice? Thanks!
  3. Thanks! We have started to try and breed. We moved the pair to a different cage with the nest box on the outside. All signs are good, but we will see I guess. Wish us luck. We will start a breeding journal if she starts showing signs of being with egg/s.
  4. Thanks guys! We have decided to take Max out to avoid fights. As soon as we did Rarity and Guybrush started to chatter with each other non stop! And they do what looks like beak kissing. We are setting the cage up for breeding real soon. We have the wooden nest box that has a lid on the top. It slides up. Is Aspen bedding safe to use? It's the shavings pet stores sell for rodents and such. The things we've looked up seem promising but we figured it best to ask experienced breeders. Should the nest box perch go halfway in the box too? The box will be placed on the top shelf in the cage (not in the above picture) We feed them a mixture of seeds and zupreem pellets and have been offering fruit and veggie. They get a little mixture of 'treats' from the Higgens brand. They have a wake up and bed time schedule. They get sunlight. Max is lonely now, but we play with him a lot. He's super tame. We are thinking of letting him bond with one of Rarity and Guybrush's babies if we are successful. Not to breed, but possibly once everyone is of age. Should we let the birds try parent raising the first clutch and be on stand by? Are all first time parents bad at raising their young? Sorry for rambling.
  5. Hello, I'm new here to the forum. I found the link on a breeder website here in the USA, so I hope it is okay that I signed up. My husband and I have recently gotten into budgies and are wanting to breed them eventually. (Not very often and not to sell, but to keep birds in our home, so on and so forth) We currently have three parakeets (I'm going to call them that from here on out. It is what I'm used to) and they are in the same cage. Two of them are male and one is female. We got them from a local mom and pop type pet shop (they do most of their breeding in store). At first we got Maximus and we believe he is 4 to 6 months old. He is currently starting to molt. Here are some photos of him. When we got him, he was tame right away and isn't afraid of us. He is parent raised. We decided we wanted to get another bird and went back to the same place and ended up leaving with what we hope will be a breeding pair for us to start with. The girl is Rarity and the boy is Guybrush. Rarity is almost 2 and Guybrush is between 1 and 2 years old. Right now all three of them are in the same cage and get along well. Rarity and Guybrush are not tame and Guybrush is afraid of hands. Rarity is fine once you get her out of the cage. Their wings were clipped. We've read some conflicting things about breeding when there are more than one male in the cage. Will Maximus's presence in the cage stop Rarity and Guybrush from breeding? We do have more than one cage we can use, though. Picture of Rarity: Picture of Guybrush: Picture of both: Picture of all three: This is what their cage looks like: We are only using the top part. You can see the bottom part in the photo. It is currently closed off. Any suggestions on what to add or take away when we go into breeding mode (A breeding box of course lol) The cage set up is a work in progress. The cage is actually meant for rodents. In fact, downstairs is our lone rat, Persephone. The others have died from old age. She can not see or touch the birds and is not long for this world, sadly. We also have cats that are very interested in the birds, but they are really good with all our other past small animals. The cats are obviously well supervised and not aloud alone with the cage when we are not home. With the smell of the cats/rat and them being around make it harder for the birds to mate? Sorry for all the photos and quality as they are taken with an ipod. Thanks RarityBird
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