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  1. Thanks for your reply , i checked the bird all over and found no more of them and checked him and the others today and theres no more showing . I think ill get that stuff and give them a drop .
  2. G,day , i was checking the babies this arvo and found something that looked like a maggot attached to the wing of one of the young babies . So i prised my finger nail under it and it came off easy and bled a little , the wing didn't bleed much after that but it looked like this thing was sucking on the wing . Anybody got an idea what's the go on this ? P.S. I forgot to mention that the maggot thing was black and not the usual white colour and it wasn't a tick looking thing either.
  3. scummy

    Green Ants

    G,day , two things you can try is sprinkle baby power on them and if that dont work try cooking salt . I dont know whats in the baby powder but it kills the little black ants pretty quick and i've seen cooking salt kill weeds and cockaroachs .
  4. G,day , i lost one this week with the same problem . Mine had been like this for about 3-4 months and he would sleep alot in both the avery and when i put him in a cage by himself .
  5. We got a small aviary down the back in the corner under some big shady trees . Most of the time its shaded three quarters of the day and in the cooler months the tree looses its leaves , so the temp all year round is not bad . The shelf with my box's is half way up the back wall and they seem pretty happy with that . When we first got them they didnt even look at each other then all of a sudden we had babys everywhere , we sold off 8 this mornin so dont worry they will be at it when their ready .
  6. It's near thirlmere next to picton .
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