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  1. Hi All I have an 8yr old starting out in breeding for show. I'm after a good book for him/us to read. One that has genetic infomation as well. I remember as a kid we had a book and it gave you some basic ruels of genetics when breeding budgies, example would be (and this may not be true) if you breed blue with yellow you will get 70% green ofspring etc. Can anyone recomend a book or books for us?
  2. Thanks to all how have replied I was never going to let him do it alone but he has to do the physical work i.e. check there is food and water every day. I will be there to help him as needed. Budgie mad Wow what a great post with some very help full info. My son has breed chickens with me before so he has gone through the emotional rollercoaster that comes with breeding. I have read the disapprovals on here when it comes to colony breeding and I understand completely. I was thinking having 6 birds to start with and 6 nesting box’s spread out. If he (my son) makes a go of it I was then planning to add some breeding cages inside the aviary and remove the colony ones but I know they take a lot more looking after. I know there is the risk but I need to know if he is going to give it a go before I sink too much money and time into it. And yes I have been warned.
  3. Hi All My son 6 has decided to give budgies breeding ago to make money (dad we pay cost and he take sales). He has never done anything like this so it will be a big learning curve that hopefully we instill some life lasting values and lessons. I have breed budgies when I was a child but that was 20+ years ago. We have ordered a aviary 1.5m x 2.2m as a starting aviary, this is due in about 2 weeks. How many pairs do you think this would be okay for? Also is there any breeders from the top end on here that would like to help a 6 year old get started (info and some starting stock, we will pay)? I look forward to getting to know you mob and share our journey.
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