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  1. Now by luck we got a hen that is not able to fly too. We bought her from a pet shop and didnt recognize that she may have broken her wing. I tried to seperate her to have a rest but it seems that its already to late for the wing to grow together right. She tries to fly very often and it seems that she is not really suffering and has not much pain. However, now they both are together and not alone anymore. And i hope that she learns from him how to stay cool when the "big bad guy" guy comes to feed them ^^. She is very shy and afraid of people. It doesnt matter for us if she can fly or not. We had to buy her because shes a fallow and these are very rare. So we will watch them both and how they will behave in the future.
  2. Thanks for yours answers! She has no red eyes. And the colour of the "waves" on her wings is green, so it cannot be lacewing. I bought her because i hoped it could be a dilute. Ive collected nearly all dilutes i could get in the last two years. And there were not much.... One example was him http://www.picture-uploa...3/Vio1.jpg.html I couldnt say if he is grey or violet. Absolutely beautiful color. And surely a dilute. Sadly he died last year without ever getting children :-(. But sometimes it seems to be very hard to discriminate between greywings and dilutes. But she is no "normal" dilute, because i have a few yellows and greens and their wings look different....
  3. Hi ! We bought a female budgie from a petshop. But i can not really define what mutation. http://www.picture-upload.de/view-20600173/Opalin-gelb2.png.html
  4. okay, we will keep him there and watch him. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for that fast answer! Weve never seen him doing this. And we have no Idea of his age. If its really the reason of stress, i guess the best "therapy" would be to put him back to a swarm. Now that we know that it ISNT ployoma or PBFD its not that dangerous to put him back, or ?
  6. Hi ! Im new in this forum and i hope someone can help us. We breed budgies for nearly 20 years now. I have a breeding license since nearly 18 years but never did it in a professional way, just as a hobby. We have all sizes, all between BIG and small (^^) and around 60 budgies atm. In September 2013 we bought a yellowface-cock from a petshop. To my big surprise that bird was not able to fly when we put him into one of our aviaries. I didnt recognize that in the shop, because the box where the budgies were in was very small. I checked his wings and saw a lot of his longer wing-feathers were somehow "broken". Here are the pictures of the right wing, and the left one looks similar: I instantly took him into a seperated aviary because i didnt knew if "that" is infective in some way. And he is still in there. Yesterday we got the results from the loboratory that checked the feathers. And it is NO Polyoma and NO PBFD. (pew ^^) Acarids can be suspendet too, because every new bird gets a drop of an aid with a 0,12%-ivermectine in it. He got that 2 times with a 10-day- duration between the usage but it changed nothing and worked PERFECT for all our other birds till now. He really seems to be happy at all. He twitters, and does everything a normal budgie does but of course is not able to fly :-(.. The best for him of course would be to put him back to the swarm, but as long as we dont know what it is id rather keep him away from the others. So WHAT is that ??? Not even breeders with alot of experience can clearly say what it is. SORRY for my bad english...im german ^^.
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