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  1. I think my girl budgies has egg Yolk Peritonitis, as mentioned earlier she layer 4 eggs about three weeks ago and nothin has become of these eggs, now her abdomen is very swollen and her poop it's insane liquids and a lot of it! R there any ways of treating this?
  2. my two budgie pairs have both laid eggs sadly one pair finished laying over 5 days ago, 4 eggs i have candled them and non are fertile. however my second pair have laid and their firs egg was over 2 weeks ago and then stopped laying and started again producing atm 5 but could be more as she laid her last one saturday so by monday i will be able to tell clutch size, however i have candled her eggs are atm 3 are def fertile and one is miles in front of the other, could i give this egg to my other pair to raise? as im worried once the other eggs hatch this baby will voer dominate the nest and some of the new babies may die?!?!
  3. So I have two budgies pairs that have finally started to lay. Pair one started laying over two weeks ago and layed what seem to be the last egg last Tuesday, but after checking box each day, today I find a fourth.... Is this normal??? Pair two layed one egg, then a day later found it cracked out of the nest on the ground. She has started to lay four days later two eggs so far...normal?.
  4. Thank you, when will it turn brown again? Until they come into season / condition again?
  5. My female girls Ceres is starting to change colour, I have two pairs and one girls has gone white and the other girls has gone from a complete brown not with white ring around them, does this mean they are out of breeding season?.
  6. Hi everyone I was wondering if someone could help tell me if my female is in breeding condition, she is paired with a beautiful boy and all signs are correct of bonding, been together over two weeks now and every time you open to cage she goes and hope in it. Is this a good sign how do I know if she is close? How do I add a picture?!
  7. Thank you, I already hVe a pair I won't to put together and think their Ceres are what you explain. I have a separate cage ready for them, how long does the bonding process take roughly? I'm so excited to breed
  8. I'm interested in creating a new breeding pair and I was wondering if anyone has any advice? Also can I randomly chose a male and female and put them together??
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