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  1. Thank you very much Robyn, Yes I have iodine and calcium blocks in his cage. I think you are talking about this and I have it : http://www.trixie.de...ing_Stone,13620 And the calcium block : http://www.juenpetma...iyum-blok&kat=0 But I couldn't see any liquid Iodine product in internet . I think you mean this product : http://www.morningbi...quidiodine.html I want to ask that if it is hormonal problem then why does the color of cere turns blue when I applied anti-fungi ointmen or vaseline ? Today I found something very interesting. While I was holding him against a
  2. Hello ! I'm from Turkey , my name is Tulû. I'm so desperate . My son his name Can Can who is 4 years old has some problems . 5 months ago I noticed that his all cere got brown color with some recess. In Turkey it is so difficult to find an Avian Veterinarian ; they don't know anything about my son's problem. I searched the internet and I saw that there were two possibilities : One of them is an testicle tumor and the other is a fungi over cere . I never thought about a tumor and chose the second. It is said that applying a vaseline may help , so I appli