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  1. Thankyou Rachelm, I have a bit of googling to do now. Maybe find a good budgie colours book online. thanks again!
  2. Thankyou both! Hehe I just noticed the well placed peg aka. bunny ears- does look a bit funny! Now as I am a budgie newby, can you tell me what the colours of mine are called?
  3. Hello everyone, Hoping I can get some experienced eyes on my two brand new budgies. I have never owned budgies before and would like to know what I have. They were sold to me as young males approx (8-11 weeks of age). This is Apache, what do you think? (The photos might not be close enough, they didn't seem to like my phone very much!) This is Chinook, boy or girl? Thankyou in advance, any opinions would be wonderful!
  4. Hello digital budgie world, I stumbled across this community as I was looking for information on sexing my two new budgies. What a great place full of budgie love. As both of mine are still young (8-11 weeks) I am unsure if I have boys/girls or both. Hoping someone can help? The bird below (Chinook) is the eldest of the two. So do I have a boy or girl? Thanks (in advance!)
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