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  1. Hi robyn, thank you very much for the information! I went straight ahead and looked at the photos for the different Ceres colors for male and female budgies. The woman did not send me any photos for the 3 green budgies, but she sent me a photo that shows one of them. and I would like to know, if you could see what it is? Female or male? She said, they all look the same. But I want to see it for myself, when I go there. maybe they have different colors and she just does not know how to figure out if a baby is male or female. Here the photo of one of the green baby's:
  2. Hi everybody, Next week on Wednesday I will drive to South Gate to a woman who has 3 Green budgie baby's. They are all 8 weeks old and on Wednesday is my big day to pick one of these little ones. I actually would like to have a male budgie, but when I asked her if she can pick a male for me, she said that at this age nobody is able to tell the sex of a budgie, because it is too young. But now I realize, that many of you here can actually see if a chick is male or female. So since these baby's are 8 weeks old, what do I need to look for, when I want to pick a male? Well if she has any male, if it's all female, than I probably can't see any difference. She said they look all the same. Can you guys help me a little bit? What do I need to looking for, if I wanted to pick a male? Best wishes, Tanja
  3. Thank you very much for the warm welcome message Phoebes! Yes I try to do everything right in preparation, so he will be happy, as soon he get's here By The Way. what do you feed your budgies? I read that they are eating mainly seed diets, but nothing wrong with some nice fresh and organic fruits as well right? What kind of seeds do I need to feed?
  4. Thank you very much for your responses! @The lion, I sent you a PM, I would love to see some pictures of your blue male budgie
  5. Hello everybody, I am new to this forum and I bought a cage yesterday and assembled everything already as preparation to get my own little baby budgie! I am looking for a breeder in Los Angeles or the surrounding area of LA. I am looking for a blue male baby budgie! When I was very young, my mother got a baby budgie and called him Ricky. She got him very young and needed to hand feed this little guy. Soon enough he became a very good talker. But a few years later he died and my mother did not want to buy a new one, instead she wanted to concentrate on her Chihuahua dog breeding hobby. Therefore I was not allowed to get another parakeet for myself. I moved to Los Angeles from Germany and live now with my husband. So now I can finally get my very own Budgie and I am looking for experienced breeders who can tell if a baby is male or female. That would be very helpful! I am looking very much forward to your responses! :-) Thanks and best wishes, Tanja
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