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  1. I live in Qld, so it doesn't get overly cold at night, but I just put the blind down so it's easier for them to sleep. The blind actually only goes half way down the cage, so the bottom half of the cage is still open. I only give the vitamin in water once a week. I put it in the water for a day, then throw it out the next day and give them fresh plain water again. The water is from our rainwater tank.
  2. Thanks Robyn. And yes, I'm hoping it was maybe something that had just been there (congenital defect) or something that simply wasn't obvious. Just one of those things that couldn't be avoided hopefully.
  3. I am new to budgies. I have an aviary with 8 budgies in it (well, seven now). This morning I went to open up the blind on the aviary and discovered my budgie Charlie, dead on the floor Charlie was a white (not albino) male, approx 4 months old. He was my fave, as he was such a happy, friendly, little fella, always showing off and yabbering on. I used to nickname him either Cheeky Charlie or Charlie Chatterbox. I got him when he was fledged and eating on his own. I kept him and the other budgie I got at the same time Aussie), together in a small cage until the aviary was ready for them to move into. They have been living in the aviary for about a month, and I have added 6 new budgies since then. All the other budgies look healthy. Charlie himself seemed totally fine until yesterday afternoon. No real obvious signs of illness, wasn't puffed up or anything, but he did seem sleepy. At first I assumed he was simply ready for bed, as it was late in the afternoon and nearly time for me to close up the aviary for them anyway. But this morning when I went to say good morning to them, he was dead Can anybody give me any ideas what might have happened? Oh, and just add - they get fed seed (of course), they also get fruit or veges (apple, spinach, carrot, corn, peas), millet sprays, and occasional avi-vite (vitamin/mineral supplement) in their water
  4. RoseRed


    I have just got back into budgies. I had eight budgies (until I lost one overnight) I have actually posted a thread about the death of my boy Charlie (a white, but not albino, male) ---> http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index.php?showtopic=32844 I also have : Aussie - green male Buddy - kind of aqua with yellow face male unnamed - blue with yellow face female unnamed - cobalt female unnamed - mauve female unnamed - grey male unnamed - yellow male Yes, it takes me a while to figure out the right names for them *sheepish grin*
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