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  1. I think it is a young budgie, it's eyes are competly dark, but it is all white so it has no bars on it's head. I think it was handled by the place I bought it from, so it is already partly tamed. Thank you so much for your advice!!!
  2. Thank you! I put a blanket over the cage, but he's still freaking and his wings droop a little. I don't think he's eaten anything. Is there anything I can do?
  3. Hi there! I just brought home a new budgie, and put it in it's new home! I don't have a bunch of toys yet, but I do have three perches, seed, water, spray millet and a mirror in the cage. He's been in for a couple hours now, but still is breathing heavy and not moving. He's right next to millet but not eating it! I've had cockteils before, but never a budgie and was wondering if this was normal, and maybe he'll be better in the morning? Also, I'm planning on buying some toys tomorrow. Is it okay to put them in with him? Thanks so much!
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