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  1. Thank you so much everyone for your replies. These guys are my loves, so I read up on their breed every single day. There is plenty out there and as teacher, I enjoy gathering, learning, and exploring new things. Thank you again and again. Best to all. JG
  2. HI! I just registered. My name's JG. I have four budgies at the moment. Long story short, I spent the earlier part of this year crying over budgies I'd purchased at a big name pet store (remain nameless) which came with salmonella - something I now know is common w budgies purchased fm those types of places. MANY hundreds in vet bills later, with nothing but an empty cage to show for it, I did a lot of reading up on everything budgie and two months ago purchased two hens, two cocks from a reputable source. I'm about to purchase a flight cage for them and do have a few questio
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