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  1. Thank you so much everyone for your replies. These guys are my loves, so I read up on their breed every single day. There is plenty out there and as teacher, I enjoy gathering, learning, and exploring new things. Thank you again and again. Best to all. JG
  2. HI! I just registered. My name's JG. I have four budgies at the moment. Long story short, I spent the earlier part of this year crying over budgies I'd purchased at a big name pet store (remain nameless) which came with salmonella - something I now know is common w budgies purchased fm those types of places. MANY hundreds in vet bills later, with nothing but an empty cage to show for it, I did a lot of reading up on everything budgie and two months ago purchased two hens, two cocks from a reputable source. I'm about to purchase a flight cage for them and do have a few questions regarding diet, space and breeding. 1). I just ordered "Harrisons" for their diet which right now consists of: liquid vitamins, ecotrition and encore brand seed, broccolli. I have not had luck with the fresh foods I've offered them, boiled eggs, bananas, pasta, rice, beans, peas, strawberrys, etc. Right now, these guys seem to be seed addicts (I'll be changing that) .. I had a pet store owner tell me that I should offer them millet every day. I just looked at her and did not answer. ((( Yes, and I'll give my children McDonalds every day as well ... NOT! ))) My question is: Are there any "tricks of the trade" I can use to get my peeps to even TRY fresh foods? i hung pasta from the cage and had to remove it hours later, they just stared at it. 2). I am about to order a flight cage for them and don't have much room. My house is a tiny cottage. One cage is 20 (w) x 20 (d) x 32 (h), the other is 30 (w) x 18 (d) x 36 (h) {a.k.a. HUGE} meant for breeding as well. My questions are: a). I want these guys to be happy, perhaps have one clutch - I am NOT interested in breeding, per se. I don't mind their having one or two clutches, which I'll give away to proper families, but I don't want them to die from overbreeding -- right now two are in love and the other two do not like each other. Will the smaller cage deter them from breeding? . Will they breed regardless of the cage size c). Do they need special quarters to breed or will they breed if I do not include a nesting box? d). Do I need to split up the hens from the cocks to deter breeding? I appreciate your expertise. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you, JG
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