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  1. i have changed the cage from the big to small and then back to the big. Once he got into the big cage that he used to, he started to flaps his wings madly. I think it was sign of excitement, as he was really !! happy to get back into his cage
  2. Do you think it can be because of Bird Kabob Toy. He loves it and chews all the time, and kind of bite it
  3. Hello, I have another problem now !!!!! since last two days he started biting !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what to do and very very upset :( He was so kind and sweet!! And now if he doesn't want to step up he is biting... What didn I wrong ? Why it happened after 2 weeks here ? How to tame him now ? What to do ? Will he now continue to bite ? So far he is biting in the cage and not outside if I manage to take him out PLEASE HELP !!!!! I AM SO UPSET Is it reversible ????
  4. I would like to ask a question I thought all baby males have pink cere. These both have already blue. Was it change at 8-11 weeks ? My budgie is 9 weeks and still has pink cere.
  5. Thank you Nadene !!!! I always thought it is a boy !!! but this small spot between nostrils that appears only now at 9 weeks confused me. I don't think it is white... it is more bluish that whitish
  6. When I bought him the cere was all pink, with no doubt that it is a male. At what age it started to change ? At 9 weeks is it too early to say ?
  7. Hello, My budgie now is about 9+ weeks, and I think his (i thought initially that it is he) started to change a little bit. I think it is a little more blueish between nostrils. Very difficult to understand if it is blue ot white - if it is blue it is very light. Before there was nothing white or blue. At what age the cere starts to change. I will put the picture to show. I am looking at him all the time but can't understand if it is blue or white more blueish than whitish http://s797.photobuc...html?state=copy http://s797.photobucket.com/user/kgueneau/media/cado3_zps3283572c.jpg.ht
  8. I have clipped in the beginning, but will not do it again when flights grows back. In any case if he doesn't want to stay on your finger he is flying or jumping away. But then he is going to jump and jump on the floor... It is a little bit sad to watch him jumping instead of flying. And I have noticed that he doesn't enjoy off cage time
  9. Hello I have bought a cotton wreath (see below) and put it in the cage. Cado loved it immediately and spent all the time on the top of the wreath. He didn't move from it. Today I decided to remove it from the cage and he seems to be more active I think (or it can be just my idea) but he started to play a little with another toy and flied around more than before. Should I leave it in the cage or remove it ? Will he be depressed if i remove it ? http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=13368&prodid=22649&catid=5 thank you
  10. Hello, cado is eating and drinking, chirping a little bit, especially when I put water sound music, but he still is very quiet. The most of the day he is sitting on the cotton wreath. He is not touching veggies or fruits or cuttlebone. He still jump on my hand when there is millet on it but never if nothing. I know that I am asking the same thing but it is already more than one week passed and the progress is small. Maybe I am mistaken ? The only thing when I touch his beck and tummy I think he likes it. He close his eyes.... again is it per pleasure or per scary ? I'm also worried that
  11. Oh . Cado is doing it also but I thought it is a form of excitement . Usually it's after he ate and I am talking to him.
  12. How long usually takes to get them understand command Up and others ? I understand that it varies a lot from bird to a bird but in general ? thank you
  13. Thank you robyn !!!! It is do helpful
  14. Hello A week already passed since Cado has being with us. I think he's better now. He starts to vocalize. He's less afraid and when the cage is open he goes sometimes outside of the cage. I have few questions: 1. He is sitting on my hand only if there is a millet. Then he jump and don't want to leave. But never if nothing. Is it because I press him since the beginning ? I could not put off my hands during 72 first hours ? I didn't force him but suggested . What can I do now ? How to make him sit to my hand and understand Up command 2. He seems do not enjoy cage off time. Is it evaluate he'
  15. I bought parakeet mix but he only eats some millet and hulled oat from it... i am interested too what kind seed i can feed also he doesn't want to try fruits or veggies
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