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  1. Thanks Pheobes. How long did it take for your daughter's bird to become that comfortable?
  2. Hi all. I posted a month or so ago about my (then) new budgie Flash. He wasn't hand raised and I have been trying to train him to step up and come out of his cage since I got him (he was about 3-4 months old when I got him). I've had him for about 9-10 weeks now and he's all settled and very happy. His cage opens at the top and he spends most of his day on the open top perch, he's not bothered by my being around and close to him, but he just isn't interested in coming to me. He will step up on my finger and let me bring him out of his cage if I bribe him with grass seed, but he doesn't seem to *want* my company, merely accepts it. I wonder whether it's worth keeping up the step-up training, or whether to just leave him be since (as long as there's noise) he's perfectly happy doing his own thing. I don't mind either way, as long as he's happy - it's just frustrating not being able to give him a scratch when he's all itchy and moulting! Has anyone else ever had a budgie who's happy with their own company and doesn't seem interested in human interaction? I'd love to hear your thoughts & stories
  3. What lucky budgies to find you - they're beautiful
  4. Flash is only just starting to venture out of his cage - he's still very nervous of everything. Amazingly he hasn't flown into anything yet! Hopefully the stickers will work for your budgies
  5. Hi. I adopted a little boy budgie that needed a new home a few weeks ago and I'm (slowly) trying to hand tame him. I'm not sure how old he is (the girl I got him from thought he was about 10 weeks, but he looks older than that to me - maybe 3 - 4 months, maybe more), and he hasn't been hand tamed at all. He's at the point now that he'll happily eat grass seed while sitting on my finger and he'll usually step up even without offering him seed. He flies out of his cage and back to it as he pleases (but never comes near me or stays out for long). He seems happy and comfortable while he's in his cage and I'm in the room with him, but doesn't seem to have any interest in coming over to me. I know he's still new and it's always harder to teach older birds who haven't been hand raised, but I'm wondering if persistence will pay off or whether he'll never be interested in being handled. Has anyone had a similar experience or have any advice for helping him feel comfortable with me? Thanks a lot Emma
  6. EfficientEmma


    Hi. I'm new to the forum with my new budgie, Flash Flash needed a new home and I've now had him for about three weeks. He's a total sweetheart and I'm looking forward sharing his adventures here!
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