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  1. There is now 3 babies in the nesting box ... Mother comes out every five minutes to eat, we have been putting in milk thistle and she also eats that. Is there anything else we could be feeding her... Advice from pet store was to take remaining two eggs out and put them in the freezer as she won't raise more than three... My father tried that agin but she is extremely protective and I told him just to leave it as is and let her take care of them Also with weaning I've heard the male is the one that helps to wean and feed them once they leave the nesting box ...
  2. So long story short I had a male and female budgie they mated so we put in a breeding box the next day the male escaped the day after the female laid eggs... Five eggs were laid and after 12 days one hatched, 1 day later another hatched How many will the mother be able to feed by herself there is no other birds in the cage it's just her and the babies in the breeding box I'm worried if all five hatch some will die as she can't feed so many without a male Ive been told I should just take some eggs out but I'm not happy with doing that.. But I'm not confident enough to feed the babies myself and the mother is extremely protective Any help would be appreciated
  3. In the end there were five eggs so far two have hatched, will she be able to feed all five?
  4. The breeding box was only put in two days ago.. She has two eggs at the moment .... he escaped yesterday... They were constantly mating when together it seemed non-stop... Like rabbits
  5. so i have a pair of budgies that have been mating for a while and we finally put a breeding cage in two days ago. yesterday the male budgie escaped due to strong winds blowing a side door open and today we realised she is sitting on eggs. does she need a male budgie to raise them... she has come out to eat since but will that continue (that was yesterday)? will she stop eating ... the male usually feeds the female while she sits on the eggs.. will she refuse to leave will she abandon them? should we buy a male to help her raise them or will he attack them? this is her first batch of eggs so were unsure we used to breed budgies in a big aviry but it has been a while, i know with my finches the parents take shifts sitting on the eggs? also i would really love for the eggs to survive after having lost the male who we all loved, she is yellow with blue and grey and he was all blue she is maybe 4 years old and he was just under 1 any help would be gretly appreciated
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