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  1. Our new little blue boy does the same thing, but he has settled down a bit since Nan bought him down. He shares a cage with (i think) Lutino hen, she is very quiet, not very chatty. Blue boy, chats non stop, and calls when he hears parrots etc. We do love them both, so do the kids.
  2. RobandSars


    lol. We have always loved budgies, and it gives us something to do, thinking a similar set-up to your avairy, but a little smaller.
  3. RobandSars


    Hello all, My name is Rob, and my partner Sarah. We are new to the budgie scene, but have always loved them. We have 2 lovely budgies at the moment, but we have dicided to ventre into starting an aviary, and possibly breeding these wonderful little birds. My mum has had budgies for years, and i know mum is a member here aswell (Robyn). We know we have a lot to learn as to which budgies are what, but we know the difference between males and females. Anyway, thought we would stop in and say hi. Cheers, Rob.
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