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  1. Hi Rhiannan It is probably too late to seperate them if they are already sitting on eggs. Unless of course, you are happy to throw the eggs out and break up the pairs, OR combine eggs into fewer nests and break up the pairs you want to seperate. (Not that I would recommend this unless you knew the eggs were all laid around a similar period) Having said that a couple months ago I had a light green cock bird die after his hen had been sitting on eggs for nearly 2 weeks. I put the light green cock bird (that was by itself in the cage next door) in with her and he started feeding her in the nest. She sucessfully hatched out two chicks from the previous mate and now the new cock bird and her are sitting on a new lot of eggs. You didn't mention any new birds in quarantine in your first post - just your 8 birds that were in an avairy. Quarantine periods are usually recommended to be about 6 weeks but I have been caught out before and would suggest 8 weeks instead. While birds are in quarantine I give them a splash of apple cider vinegar in their drinking water once a week to keep them healthy. If the pairs are already sitting on eggs it is probably best to let them finish hatching and then when the youngsters are old enough seperate the particular male and female that you would like to pair off next. If you are at Blackwater QLD (I grew up in Central QLD) it will be getting a bit too hot by then to breed your birds, so I would suggest seperating the pair from the others until February/ March next year. That will give them time to bond and get back into breeding condition. If you have a wire breeding cage and a nest box with ventilation holes you may get away with breeding them over December/ January but there is always a risk losing the hen from the heat. I hope that helps. Others may be able to give you better advice. Best of luck, Wayne
  2. I'd recommend seperating the males and females into seperate cages for several weeks (if that is possible) and then putting the pair you want together in a breeding cage. That way they are more likely to bond. You could just put the pair together in a breeding cage but if they have already bonded with another bird while in the avairy it will delay them bonding together and breeding. Also be aware that just because you want a pair to bond and breed it doen't mean that they will. Best of luck, Wayne
  3. L_J You mean where the aluminium roof profile has ridges don't you? Yes, I would suggest blocking them as well. I use the budgie wire (hexagonal stuff) scrunched up and pushed into place in the gap of the ridge so that nothing can get in like pythons, mice, small rats etc. Then I use expanding foam as well to fill the holes... just to be doubly certain. Wayne
  4. So am I. Now I just have to wait to breed from them.
  5. Have sourced some hens. Thanks to those people who helped.
  6. I'll take all of the 2012 adults pictured on your website, thank you very much Congrats on some great looking birds. You must be proud of the stock you are breeding. I hope I one day can get my birds looking as good. Wayne
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, but I've been caught out before buying sight unseen. I also think that sometimes the stress of the transport can trigger things in the bird that normally they would be able to kick health-wise. Thank you anyway, Wayne
  8. Yes Drogo, whites and yellow of suffusion is what I was always taught to call them as well In the last 7 years I have tried several budgie clubs in SE Qld including SPBS, ABS, WRBS, mainly by contacting their secretary either by telephone or email to see if they know of anyone who may have them. I have even tried a family who are members of the budgie club up in Rockhampton (9 hrs away) who have them listed as a variety that they breed, but their email address on the club website is no longer active. I have also bought numerous pet shop birds that *could* possibly be BES but they have all ended up being DF spangles. Thanks anyway for the advice, Wayne
  9. Thanks Nadene But I think that is how you breed Dark eyed Clear pieds. I am wanting to breed black eyed selfs which are the plain black eyed yellow or white normal budgie - not a DEC pied or double factor spanged variety. Wayne
  10. Looking for one or more black eyed selfs to be able to breed this variety. Am happy to travel up to 3 hours from the Brisbane and Gold Coast area for the right birds. Wayne wayne@siteit.com.au
  11. Hi everyone, just joined the forum after lurking for several years so this is my first post. Is there any way to breed the black eyed self variety from normal budgies? I've got normals, inos, rec pied, clearflight pied, TCB and a spangle. I have been trying to get black eyed selfs for more than seven years now. I once had a pair (Pet shop quality) but was renting at the time and sold them before moving into an apartment not realising how hard it would be to source some more now we have our own place. I've got the Rutgers "Budgerigars in Colour: Their care and breeding" but the breeding tables suggest that I need to at least start with a black eyed clear to be able to breed more. Any suggestions. I'll post an advert in the WANTED section as well - just to cover my bases Wayne
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