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  1. So I have a budgie and just wondering what could be wrong. From a clutch of 3 this one has only been throwing food back out and sits puffy all day. Only started doing it after a year. Anyone know what it might be ? Thanks in advance for your input
  2. the blue isnt sick i just managed to take a picture while he was cleaning himself. he looks much better than that he is in a good condition yeh im treating the green one for scaley face at the moment
  3. the female has white iris on both eyes the male has white iris on one side only the white budgie is the same. has white iris on one side hi robyn is this what you meant as muddy colour or do you think i should be pairing my blue budgie in pair 3 with this one this is just another picture of the light green in pair 3 @nadene i found this page http://cutelittlebirdiesaviary.weebly.com/budgie-mutation-and-color-guide.html if you scroll down to dominant pied its the same as in the picture
  4. examples of pics to show what might be expected would be nice thanks
  5. 3 pairs wanting to know colours/mutation as i could be wrong in what i have said below and what would i expect the chicks color/mutation be pair 1 i think its violet DF dominant pied as it is purplish or could be mauve with normal green Pair 2 i think they are both Light green DF dominant pieds Pair 3 i think its light green opaline spangle with blue/grey opaline spangle Thanks
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