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  1. So Little Miss 5 begged me to get her budgie out this morning. Told her 100 times in ten minutes to leave it alone and let it explore and come to her when its ready. Been 5 that meant 20 seconds should be sitting on her lap. Already told her its probably had enough for today and to put it back in the cage....next minutes I hear "muuuuummmm" "Look sunny it all short" Its flow off and she grabbed its tail and pulled out every single tail feather! Will it be okay?? Hoping it doesnt die of shock! It looks so strange with out a tail
  2. Thanks everyone! Baby is going great. You can definately tell even with little baby how usless little tiny cages are hey?...It was only $12 and perfect to keep it in at night with the light on to keep it warm. But through the day I been putting it in with our big baby and going really great. I put a towel down for it to walk on at first and sprinkled some seed around for it to get used to... and i think 2nd day he was starting to eat it. Still feeding it regularly as well but surprising how quickly it learnt the eat the seed like the other one does. and hops up on the perch and sleeps now. Hopefully it should be easier from here on in Hopefully get some more feathers soon!!
  3. great video, they are beautiful! Thankyou. I have been feeding him more 4 times a day....They grow so fast dont they?? It has changed so much already. I got a little cage yesterday just to transition it in to and going really well little on the perches down low. The lady I got it off the breeder is her father who just been diagnosed with cancer. So was selling off all his birds.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152940109335411&set=a.10151410534795411.824251.858365410&type=1&theater Little Baby Thinking he isnt as old as I thought Going off this website http://www.coloradobudgies.com/budgiegrowth.htm
  5. Big Baby is 5-6ish weeks (I dont know exactly) the age. It was avairy breed budgie and only came out of its nest a week ago now. I was given bit of buiscut stuff for it as he had jsut started seed but since Ive had it its been fine with just seed and hasnt touched the other stuff. Its in a cage like normal. Little Baby I think would be about 25 days now......I have in a box with a lamp and towel for it to walk on..still doesnt have all its feathers.... Lady gave me Hand raising formula for it. ... I did find good link in here for the hand rearing info and what to do.... Would it be a bit behind being only hand raised without other birds around? .... Lady said to feed it 3 times a day .... introduce some crushed up seed in it next week..... He doesnt really seem interested in anything other then chewing at you.... as soon as it sees you starts crying to be fed.... I am a newbie to birds ......I saw in the thread to put with a bigger bird to teach it to eat seed...... I breifly put them together in the box and the little baby just went crazy like wanting my big baby to feed it (even though id just fed him) and chewing at him ... so I quickly took big baby out again. Maybe its younger that the 25 days for that behaviour? doesnt seem to hard so far just no idea if im doing it right lol..... but it eats the formula off a spoon and then sleeps ... unless it sees you and then cries at you to feed it. Kids love looking at it.
  6. Hi Everyone, I hunted down a baby yellow budgie for my daughters birthay yesterday. It came out of the nest on Friday. Seems to be going well in the cage. In my hunt, I came across a lady who's father breeds budgies but has been diagnosed with Cancer and she is selling all the birds. Inc a approx 23 day old chick. She is hand raising as the mother died. She has offer it to me. I am wanting to get it. I do plan on asking her all the questiosn also. But just wanting some tips on what I need to have for it and how I go about hand raising it? Can they go in the cage together?? Or do I need to keep it separated?? I have a nice biggish flight cage for them (thanks to this forum in my cage selection ) Thanks
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