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  1. If you breed you need TIME! Hope you have lots of that. Also make sure your females are older than 1 year to prevent Egg binding which could result in death.
  2. maz7

    Hi there!

    Do not put a box in until your girl is more than a year old. She will die of egg binding. Try to love your birds and not breed. Breeding demands a lot of attention and if you are not retired I would not advise it. Temember to give your girl a cuttlebone for Calcium and fresh veg and fruit. Swiss chard/ spinach is a favorite; Corn on cob and Apple. enjoy!
  3. Fishbone for calcium and beak trimming.I suggest before you continue breeding read up the hows and donts and dos of breeding in this site and on the Internet. Babies and parents can also die from other things than lack of food. First a Budgie needs Calcium to produce eggs. For that they need direct sun also and not through a glass; fresh air; and fresh fruit and veg. I feed my birds Swiss chard/ spinach and apple and sweetcorn on the cob. They also need mineral block and cuttlebone for calcium. I mix Canary seed with normal budgie millet seeds. Mine also like Safflower, Sunflower and Groats. Otherwise your bird will just get fat and unhealthy. They need variety seed for different oils.
  4. Hope you are retired because more than 10 birds can keep you VERY busy! Ask me. If I knew today what I knew 7 years ago I would have kept my flock under 25
  5. maz7


    All I know is if you have a white (Albino) and Yellow (Lutino); you get Inos. Any Budgies with the pink reddish eyes?
  6. maz7

    Hi Guys

    Squirt or Pipsqueak.
  7. Just touching base again. My Budgie Flock has decreased and increased over past 3 years but my total Budgies is now 37. I still love all my feathered children and have acquired a Conure and a Mousebird apart from my 2 old IRN s , my 15 Lovebirds, 45 finches and 16 button Quails
  8. Hi Jordana has anyone communicated with you yet? I am so sorry to hear about your handicapped baby. And her dying. Bubbles out of her mouth means she was ill. She could have had Crop canker or pneumonia. There are many great members that could explain better than I but I know how painful a loss is. It's heart breaking! I have Budgies and when I loose one I cry bitterly. To me they are like children. A sick budgie cannot maintain its body heat and if not kept warm by a heating pad or something like that they can die from Cold. I use a reptile heating pad for my Quail babies and Mommy plus if really cold I have an Infra red light with a thermostat. Do you have an Avian vet for the future?
  9. thank you so much..........................i will rest them even till next year.The cleaning kills me! Also i give my birds cuttlebone permanently. They get corn on cob,apple,spinach,swiss chard and beetroot. THEY DISCARDED/IGNORED ALL OTHER FRUITS AND VEGGIES IVE TRIED.
  10. Pse help me with advice on how I can stop my budgies breeding in my Aviary. I'm exhausted and think we all could do with a 6 month rest period. I've removed all nest boxes and there is no nesting material but yesterday I caught 2 of them mating??? Help
  11. Finnie.moderators, I am so confused now. I read on this very site how important direct sun is required for Vit 3D which is actually a hormone in budgies that helps their oil gland and when they preen themselves they spread this oil on their feathers. ?We don't have those fancy lights around here and if they r available they would be unaffordable.i put my birds that are not in the Aviary out regularly in the sun,but morning sun for best UK absorption. Sorry U V absorbtion
  12. Only read this now! But goodness me am I a victim of this! I've been asthmatic and allergic all my life! I noticed for past 4 months i battle breathing and have sinus and severe hay fever. I am allergic to sunflower seeds and linseed. Also grass and pollen and dust mites. I hose my Outdoor Aviary down but often sweep b4. So will wear mask as I am 55 years old and I do not want to give up my last joy in life.........
  13. Front line. ? My word! I use it on my dogs and cats.............interesting.
  14. Question? Do you insert needle past tongue into gap to the left or right side of budgie? If I'm facing the budgie to my left or right.and how do u get past that tongue and get them to open the throat hole?
  15. I found my budgies ......All 40 in different ages go mad for Swiss chard/spinach and beetroot leaves.the odd corn on the cob
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