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  1. One more thing i want to add about the male i noticed that he has violet around his neck shoulder areas, it probably doesn't show in pics so would he be any different like a cobalt violet?
  2. Nice try. Not a sky blue normal, but an opaline cobalt. And the yellow face is visual spangle. A bird cannot be split to spangle. It appears to be opaline recessive pied spangle yellowface mutant two sky blue. I cannot tell if the wing markings are black or some other color. They are at the moment a greyish/black color, maybe after her 1st moult they will go darker?, she's only about 4 months if that helps also, also their is no sign of any iris rings not even very faint ones coming through on her, the other 1 though who i think is the same age has a slight iris ring which i can see developing, hope this info helps in finding out what she is.
  3. You not wrong just totally off track of what i was asking lol, this is the mutations part which is why i posted it in here, i want to know their colors & mutations not sex, i know that already.
  4. okay so what are your thoughts on these 2. Also haven't given names yet, only got them yesterday haven;so i still have not decided yet. Also i know the pics aren't that great but i did my best with my crappy phone cam lol.
  5. Problem fixed, put his foot in a bowl of warm water & after about 10 minutes it came off, also thanks for help appreciate it.
  6. Hi i bought 2 male budgies earlier today, on arriving home & putting the birds in their cage i noticed the lutino male had a lump on 1 of his feet, upon further inspection realized it was a ball of poop, now the real problem how to remove it safely, i tried but it has hardened up & won't budge & i don't won't to pull it to hard in case of injuring the bird. Any tips or advise on how to deal with this would be great. Also picture of foot below
  7. Hi all i was just wondering what mutation my boy budgie is, he isn't like my other 3 who all seem normal, also he has a orange beak where as th other 3's beaks are normal budgie colour beaks, why is this. Also i know the pics are not the best quailty but i did my best. Also he's still pretty young, maybe 3-4 months or so the store i got him from didn't say. just want to point out the white patch on his head past halfway. he has like a white cross on his body note these last 2 pics are nearly 2 & a half weeks old fom my other thread, thought they showed his mutation well & the beak. also the orange beak i mentioned
  8. Hi i bought 2 young budgies yesterday & 1 i can tell is a boy as he has a lot of blue on his cere, the other i am not to sure about as its cere is still pinkish, could anyone help me in dertiming which sex my budgie is please. Pictures below-
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