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  1. Thanks everyone when I say bush budgie I mean wild size not as the green ones found up north. What would be the correct term ? Just budgie, small, Aussie budgie or standard. And breeding cabinets all the way
  2. Hey guys newbie to this forum, I had budgies as a child and recently in the last 6 months I have started to really get back into them. I started of with 2 in a smaller cage and now have an aviary with 7 and currently have 5 babies in the nest box. I forgot how addictive budgies can be. I have used this site for information and today I thought why not join, I live in bassendean Western Australia. 2 of budgies are show type budgie and the rest are bush style budgies in all colours. I am looking at changing direction and going to show budgies only due to there clam nature Any way look forward to learning lots Talk soon
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