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  1. witherd1

    New Aviary

    2 pairs are doing really well, 5 chicks each. 1st is almost about to flee the nest. Trying a round two with two other pairs, one hen didnt feed her chicks, and the other were mostly clear, and the two that werent clear, didnt hatch. So we'll see how we go with those two pairs on the second round.
  2. witherd1

    New Aviary

    I've added a couple of shelves and stuff in the bird room. Planning a few changes after visiting some other aviaries, and adding in the rest of the breeding cabinets.
  3. witherd1

    New Aviary

    Got the sink in the bird room, and water on. I've also had my first couple laying, 4 eggs so far and at least two are fertile.
  4. witherd1

    New Aviary

    The flights are now finished, though I've only decked one out with perches so far, I'll do the other this week then split the hens from the cocks. I've got by nest boxes finished off also, I just need to build my last 3 cabinets, and a nursery cage. Other than that, just need to put in the water and sink, put the handrail on the deck, and paint it all. Pics below.
  5. witherd1

    New Aviary

    Me too, Birdlove, me too!!
  6. Nice aviary. I love that last shot, it looks like a beautiful property.
  7. witherd1

    New Aviary

    Hey Ange. Yes, the flights are steel frame, that way the birds won't chew it, and weather won't rot it, since for weather proof timber it needs to be treated, and treated is bad for the birds. As for the breeding cages, you can check those out at us link, http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index.php?showtopic=32704
  8. witherd1

    New Aviary

    Started to attach the flights.
  9. witherd1

    New Aviary

    Thanks guys. So I'm still plugging away. Got the roof on, and just today, got the deck on the side. Check out the picks. Also, sorry I still havent posted on how to make the seed hoppers, I will get there. Cheers.
  10. I bought a 4 litre tub of black seal, I should've bought a 1 litre, I've barely used any.
  11. witherd1

    New Aviary

    As I hoped, I got a bit more done this weekend. Yesterday I got the brickwork finished, worked until sunset, but got it done. Today I only planned to get the piers core filled with concrete, but got quite a lot more done, I got the roof structure done! I'm very excited now to have the roof close to being done. Here's the pics...
  12. witherd1

    New Aviary

    Each council differs in laws and regulations, so best check your individual council. It will be bagged and painted, to match the house. It hasn't really cost me that much, since I haven't paid for any of the bricks or steel that has gone into it, just had to pay for the cement, gravel and sand so far. It's probably a little over the top, but I tend to do things that way, lol. The original idea was, that one day, when we sell the house, I will be able to strip the flights off the front ver easily, slip a sliding door in the front, and its automatically a workshop or storeroom, or even a bedroom for that matter. So it is very over engineered as a bird aviary, simply for that reason. But in the end, anyone can draw from this, but does not have to go with the whole brick base slab and brick walls, simply fibro walls or timber or iron would work just as well. The last time I built this design of aviary, it was timber stud walls with fibro (fc sheeting) cladding on the outside.
  13. Hey Jamie, so sorry for the late reply, I havent been on in ages. Each individual cage is 600 wide, 550 high, and 375 deep. the width allows a little fly space, and as I'm going to be mounting the breeding boxes on the outside, not a lot of depth was required. I pretty much found the cage fronts I wanted and then built the cage to that size.
  14. witherd1

    New Aviary

    I know a good brickie A'SHAAR hehe And thanks everyone else for tagging along for the ride, I'm excited to get it finished, but I have to split my time between this and a big cubby house/fort I'm building for my kids too, lol. I don't do anything by halves. Pebble, thanks for the nice comment, I love being inspirational, which is one of the reasons I made this thread, so others can draw ideas from it. I looked around on the net before I started this, for ideas of aviary and bird room designs, and I was very disappointed in the lack of content I found. This is why I posted this thread. So if it helps anyone, even if just with one of my little ideas, then thats good enough for me.
  15. witherd1

    New Aviary

    Budgie Lover, I can post up instructions, just give me some time, as I have a lot on right now, but feel free to remind me if I forget in the next week or so. So, the last two days have been the last two days of my holidays, and got a bit done... Mainly concentrating on getting the brickwork done right now, but my wife reminded me before I began, that the trees needed to come down, so we did that too, which you'll notice in the pics.. Day 1: Day 2: It's starting to take shape, I hope to get some more done on the weekend.
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