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  1. Alice85

    Hi All

    Thanks for that Jenny I will have a look through the forum and start buying some of the things you mentioned.
  2. Alice85

    Hi All

    Hi All, Im a newbie to the world of budgies in northern victoria. I currently only have 4 budgies with plans of breeding up to 8 pairs this season hubbys not happy i have pinched his shed for my breeding room. What should i have into place before breeding season gets here.I am going to be building my own breeding cages and nest boxes, I have some questions What medications do i need to have on hand? what dietary suppliments do i need to feed? what vegies and calcium are the best for breeding? Is there anything else i need Thanks in advance Alice
  3. Unfortunately she didn't make it my local vet said she was to far gone to treat which I think is **** I am just new to english show budgies so I don't have medications yet but now am going to find out what one's to have in my medication cupboard
  4. I need some help my very well bred hen is all fluffed up and looking really sick and thin has vomited a couple of days ago she has a dirty bum I have wormed her a avian vet is well over an hrs away I have her inside under the heater she's still very alert but not cherpy or active
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