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  1. I purchased this setup off of e-bay 3 weeks ago for $100 and I have made the perch's go front to back in them. I also purchased a large flight cage that is 750 L x 450 W x 450 H from the only pet store we have in town for my 2 tiels for $65 I have seen some flight cages for sale on gumtree their are some nice idea's in this thread that I will have to try with the plywood and turning the cage front upside down.
  2. here are the mother and father Dad 1.5 y.o Mum 4.5 y.o Mark
  3. G'day trying the camera on my new windows 8 phone the chicks are 4-5 weeks old 1st chick 2nd chick 3rd chick 4th chick 5th chick 6th chick I think it takes a really decent photo. cheers Mark well that didnt work hope this works
  4. I hope this works here are some pics
  5. no inbreeding I only want to breed strong and healthy birds. this is how it all started my wife wanted a budgie and went to a friend who had breed some, she chose a young bird that turned out to be a female. 4 years later I as I pat the bird, she went into the mating position. a short while later she started to lay eggs and incubate them on the cage floor. we decided to get her a mate, we thought the male that we got was too young to mate. turns out he wasnt. added a nest box. get 13 eggs, 8 infertile. she started laying eggs right after we introduced the male before they had mated. o
  6. G'Day folks just thought I would say hello. HELLO I joined this site because it has a lot of information on breeding budgies, and I have just started to breed budgies. I had budgies as a kid and have had budgies for my own kids. we have a range of pets, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 long neck turtles, a tank of fish and a duck. and we started with 1 budgie that started to lay eggs on the cage floor and then sit on them. so we decided to get het a mate and now we have a totale of 7 budgies with more on the way ( 2nd clutch ) I have made a bird room to keep our cats away and to keep the budgies saf
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