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  1. I found my budgie sleeping upside down last night!! He was hanging onto the side of his cage face down... Strangest thing I've seen! Through I'd share! Leanne :-)
  2. Hi Guys, Thanks for the comments, it is a tricky one but I'll be happy either way! It has such a lovely character. I actually think its a boy, it doesn't bite like my other birds (which were girls). They bit so hard from day one, this little one is pretty cruisy. Finnie, hopefully you can see the colouring from the photo. The tips of his wings are white and under his wings are a turquoise blue colour. After the first moult will his colouring change? I'm thinking that his head will eventually be all white, is that right? The first photo is a more recent one. He's coming out and going into his cage on his own, only in a small room though. He's wary, but pretty tame.
  3. Hello! Here are some photos of my feathered friend! I've had (him) for just over a week. I've been told its male but would like your thoughts! Also, can anyone offer advice on how old babies are when they are in the shops? Leanne
  4. Hello! My name is Leanne. I've grown up with budgies all my life and after my last feathered friend, Sunshine, passed away I didn't want another one. But... I'm happy to say this has been cured by a little blue budgie! I've been told its a male, but I'm not convinced. I've only had him a few days so I'm still figuring out his behaviours. His cere is pinky purply, with some white around the nostrils ( which ive read is female). Any ideas would be great!!! He is already sitting on my finger and has come out of his cage on my finger today. I've been so impressed by the quality of info on this forum and how supportive members are of others. Leanne :-)
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