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  1. Thank you both. I had to put the nesting box back as hen was looking like she had an egg and was bobbing her tail. 5 minutes after putting it up there was an egg. I am planning to take it down tomorrow as she needs the break after 3 clutches in a row I had my cry session this morning so am feeling a little better I have 3 other pairs, but they are all too young to breed at the moment, so i think i might have some time off breeding until i have everything set up so i don't have to go through something like this again Thank you again for all the help. Regards, Jaff
  2. I am sorry to say that the little one didn't make it. I put it in for her feed and went to do stuff around the house, I came back when i heard her screeching to find her beak had been torn off :'( i took her straight to the vet, but obviously they wouldn't be able to do anything I ended up taking the nest box down as it only had one egg in it and the Hen needed a rest from laying and i don't know if i want to breed from them again after this :/ Thanks for all the help. Regards, Jaff
  3. Update- Had to take her out AGAIN as hen has scratched her again as she has laid another egg. I put her in at feed time as they still feed her, but then i bring her out before anything can happen. Thanks again. Regards, Jaff
  4. I ended up putting her back in the nesting box as she was being a pain when it came to feeding time. Mum has accepted her and both parents are feeding her again. She wants the cuddles from me but to be fed by her parents Regards, Jaff
  5. Thanks for the reply. I took him back to the breeder i got him from and they thankfully accepted to treat him. Thanks again. Regards, Jaff
  6. Hi all, Well this morning i noticed one of my budgies getting picked on in the Avery. I took him out and put him in his own cage. He is now sitting on the bottom of the cage, not drinking or eating and has diarrhea. I am really worried. There is no way i can get him to a vet until Monday so i need help ASAP. I bought him about 4 weeks ago, he was sold to me with feathers off of his wings missing from a fight. He could still fly reasonably well so i brought him home with me. He is a quiet bird that keeps to himself and doesn't like to fly too much. Thanks in advance. Regards, Jaff
  7. Well i checked on the little one and she had a tiny bit of blood above her eye. Not sure if the Mum did it on purpose or not, either way i still put her in the brooder. The baby is a very cuddly one and hates being put back in the brooder so will be interesting how i go for the night with her. Thanks again. Regards, Jaff
  8. Thanks for the replies. I ended up putting her back in the nest box last night and the parent's rushed straight in the feed her Thanks again. Regards, Jaff
  9. Thats amazing very blessed little one
  10. She doesn't seem to want to eat as much as she should, she just tries to run off. Formula is 40 degrees each time. Should i try and put her back in the nest box and keep a close eye on her so the parents don't turn on her? Regards, Jaff
  11. Hi everyone. Well the other day i decided i would like to hand rear my 2 weeks and 5 day old budgie. I researched over and over and thought i was prepared. I have a brooder set up and all supplies needed. Me being me is having second thoughts and i am worried if they baby will be alright. She ( i think its a she ) Tells off the parents in the nesting box and goes crazy every time i talk. As soon as i put her in the nesting box after some play time she starts trying to get back out Well today i decided to put her in the home made brooder (heated with lamp to 31 degrees Celsius) and she is in there now cleaning herself. Is everything i am doing good? She will be on 3 hourly feeds. Any feedback is appreciated. Regards, Jaff
  12. Seems to be alright, but still has a really distended stomach.
  13. http://i44.tinypic.com/2ptnm88.jpg This isn't the actual photo of my chick, but i can't upload anything at the moment. My chick looks pretty much exactly like this one but the belly is a little clearer then this one. Regards, Jaff
  14. Hi all, Well yesterday i checked on my chick ( 4 days old) and his stomach was really distended. It looks like he has air in there? When he was born i had to hand feed him for the first day as mum and dad didn't feed him, thankfully they kicked in and are keeping it fed. Not sure if I might have done something wrong with the formula, i always made it fresh for each feed. Please help, i really want the little one to pull through. Regards, Jaff
  15. I only have the one pair breeding
  16. Hi all, Sorry for another post but i am getting worried about my breeding pair. Well there was 11 eggs and one hatched, that chick died at 2 days old from not being fed. The hen then continued and laid another egg making it 12. Another chick has hatched, but she hasn't fed it (i have given it 3 feeds so far) The hen has then laid ANOTHER egg so that makes 13. I am worried she will continue and she will get sick. Any suggestions are appreciated. Regards, Jaff
  17. Hi all, Well my budgies aren't feeding their chick again so i have started. I have found a good schedule - 7am 10am 1pm 4pm 7pm 10pm 1am 4am 7am I was wondering if the baby (only one day old) would last 6 hours without a feed? ( from 1am until 7am) Regards, Jaff
  18. Hi all, Well yesterday one my eggs hatched and all was fine. Today i checked in and it looks like the chick hasn't been fed still. It has gone a lot quieter and seems to be forgotten by the hen. There are 10 other eggs in the nest and i am worried this chick is being ignored. Should i get it out and try and hand feed it some formula? Its been over 24 hours now. Regards, Jaff UPDATE- Baby just died in my hands while trying to feed it http://i43.tinypic.com/x54n46.jpg http://i41.tinypic.com/xefntk.jpg
  19. Thank you for all the advice Phoebes I will keep a close eye on him and see how he goes. Regards, Jaff
  20. Hi frankiebird, For me it is too small for two budgies, but that is me. Some more experienced member might be able to help a little better. Regards, Jaff
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