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  1. I would say this is normal. My first Budgie was pretty quick to tame as he was a curious bird, and he started to do this when I put my hand in the cage. I think he did this to make sure I stayed still so he could hop on, or so if I moved suddenly he could punish me (LOL). he still does it but he always jumps on and goes straight to m nails and starts 'chatting' to them its quite hilarious to watch. he also 'nibbles' my nails and tries to find stuff under them to eat.(ewwww). he could just be taking precautions or he could be just curious. hope I could help elle
  2. its great to find your budgies fist egg on the bottom of the cage, broken...

    1. Budgie_Mad


      That was the same in my case, I didn't get another egg for a whole year from any birds, that was about 2-3 years ago now.

  3. Hi! I encountered a problem like this... many years ago... anyway, my solution was pretty much patience. every day, for about 6 months I would just put my hand in the cage gently. I would then leave it there for 30 seconds - 1 minute. eventually, coming up to the 3 month stage, he started becoming curious and came up to my hand and nibbled my finger. this continued for a month or so, then I slowly moved my hand toward him. I always did it below him so he wouldn't be forced to jump onto my hand. by the time it was 7-8 months, whenever I put my hand in he would automatically run towards my hand and jump on it. he is now a mature budgie and nests on my hand and cleans my nails too (ewww). I have tried taking him out of the age but he just crashes into the walls and injures himself. I'm content and he is too at just a hand relationship (Lol)... Hope I could Help! Elle
  4. Hey guys, Could I please have some help? I've tried uploading to photo bucket but it says this failed to upload... I don't know why?!
  5. all my budgies and my friends budgies LOVE french millet! hope it works!
  6. she could be egg bound...... hope not
  7. hello guys, i am starting to think that skye is overweight. do you have any ideas of how she can become to a normal weight? should i get her to play out of the cage? or should i minimise her food? might be a long prosess................. any tips can help. here is a picture of her not too long ago.
  8. here is skye....... i was thinking of entering her in a budgie show but not sure if she is one....... i know.... kinda dumb question but do you think she has a chance of getting a place?
  9. you could try the budgie show in brisbane....... toowoomba on next saturday-sunday, im going there! for breeding tips and maybe convince my dad to get another one but good luck
  10. Awesome!! Good she got better quickly!
  11. Thanks she looks different now so she might be in breeding cond
  12. i wish i could have some clearwings or lacewings im trying to get hold of one but not working!
  13. i feel so sorry for you ive never experienced a budgie dieng i hope you recovered well
  14. thanks do u think skye has some violet in her? she defently has blue what do u think there babies colours would be?
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