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  1. Rochelle

    Green Ants

    Hi guys, I live in cairns. Here we have these awful green ants. They are large, white/clear bodies with light green bums. They are do hard to get rid of and they are aggressive. They are now taking the water from my budgies in the aviary! They come running at me to attack me if I go out there. Anyone have any tips??? Hosing they off doesn't exactly work. They are incredibly strong ants and can withhold a lot of pressure from the house and when blasted off they just come right back. I haven't been giving my budgies fruits lately due to these bloody ants! We have been away for about 5 months, so a friend had them. Now we are back and I got my babies back and the ants are back again within days!! I couldn't get rid of them before. I was hoping I wouldn't have this issue again! What do you suggest? Thanks!
  2. Hey guys! Anyone selling Budgies in Cairns, or near Cairns? If not, then i am thinking about freighting some to me here in Cairns. id like to get my hands on some english budgies preferably. All the selling posts are old. If you are selling any, could you please let me know prices etc also pics would be great. Thank you!
  3. Hi A'shaar, How much did it end up costing to freight the birds?
  4. Desperate for help! had a lady lined up to hand rear my babies as im going away tomorrow but now she cant!! what can i do? its an emergency. we need to leave early in the morning! please help me guys :(

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    2. Rochelle


      i feel so much better now.

      but im not going to be able to raise them myself anymore. i cant take them to work anymore and i have just found out im pregnant! its so difficult to feed them. the smell of the food and mixing it up right now is so hard, i come close to vomiting! poor little babies. :(

      but i will be getting them back in a few weeks :)

    3. L__J


      congrats on pregnancy :)

    4. robyn


      Congratulations on bub Rochelle, hope your l.saver comes through. Did you get any pics of them to add to your post? Good luck with everything.


  5. Desperate for help!

  6. Pictures coming soon! My iPhone HATES taking photos. It's randomly turns off. Been a bit busy here with boyfriends parents. But they left this morning at 4:30AM.... Yep... Thanks Jenny! I didn't know that. I love tips and tricks and helpful little things like that. thank you! Hahahaha!! Thanks Robyn! I don't know about ANYTHING though! Lol Notes!? Uh oh!! My Korea are liking a little... Blank.. Just a little bit... Lol She really did do a good job at plucking them! Especially seei g little pinky now. They were so naked! I really hope their feathers will come through perfect and normal. So far, so good though!! One if the ladies at work obviously has never seem baby birds before and said "I'm pretty sure your nirds are sick. Something's not right with them." I asked her what does she mean and she said their feathers aren't right! I said what do you mean and she was talking about their pun feathers!! Lol I had to explain it to her. She cracked up laughing. Lol Was pretty funny.
  7. Thanks bird love! They really have grown so much since I first got them! Every day they are different. I'm so glad they are growing. I have been worrying that they may not be getting enough of what they need and things like that. I can be a bit paranoid though. Lol ;p They are mentally older now too. The older one is going to be lovely it seems. He hops on my hand to have his feed, knows to stay on the paper towel for his feed then he's happy to snuggle in my hand, have a pat and go back in with the others. When im feeding the first chick, The second chick climbs up onto the side of the new container they are in and perches on it calling out for her turn to have a feed! Lol Impatient little one. Lol I think it's a hen. She bites harder then the others and its bossy and her cere looks lighter than the first chicks, who I'm thinking is a cock. I will have to put new photos up this arvo.
  8. Thank you Nadene!! That really means a lot to me. They really are getting big aren't they?? I just can't get over how fast they grow. How different do they look from that first photo I showed you? Pretty incredible. I'm glad I did a fair bit if research before getting them and I'm really glad I had this site and the help of you and everyone else. It really is a big learning experience! My boyfriend likes them and seeing them grow and change, but he hates having a time limit on us going out and doing things. Lol The older two are going to be an olive green by the looks. I'd say the little guy is too.
  9. Hwy guys! Some of you may have seen this inside another post, but I have finally gotten around to making my own thread! Lol Well, on Monday I bought a pair of budgies and their 3 chicks. Mum had completely plucked them and the older two had pun feathers and mum was trying to pull them too. I saw her trying to pull them out and ended up throwing one of he chicks across the nest box. I quickly snatched them up and he had a little blood on his wings. I started hand rearing them with roudybush formula that I had already bought, know the likelihood that something was going to go down. They are doing well! Growing so much. The older two are starting to perch and will climb onto my hand now when I pop it in there to grab them do their feed. I can't get over how quickly they grow. It's crazy! I will keep posting in this thread updating you guys and posting pictures of them. Sooty this thread isn't too detailed, this is the 246853787431378825th time I've written it out! Every time I have I with the pictures and ready to post, SOMETHING has to happen. Luke my phone tuning off or suddenly wiping it clean and so on. For the time being th chicks nick names are currently B1, B2 and B3. Lol It goes in order from oldest to youngest. Well I gave B1 a good look over today, to see how much he has changed and to see what's coming from his pins. The pins on his belly have the feathers poking out! Now I know for certain what colour he will be! Here are all some pictures of the babies. Here is what they looked like just before I took them out.. And here is B2 B3 leaning on her sibling and fell asleep in the mide of her stretch. Lol The 3 again B1 growing some more! B2. Getting some more fluff on those little wings. Little pinkie got the start if his pins today!!! They weren't there in the morning then they were suddenly there!! B1. Look at all those pins! B2 My little hand reared baby I bought last weekend, checking out where that noise is coming from. Lol B1 looking so grown up. Can you see what colour is coming through the ends of his pins now? I know that from these pics, I sure cant!! Lol Well. That's all the spam for now. Lol What do you think? In glad they are doing well. I noticed that the little ones crop didn't empty as low as it usually does when it's due for its next feed. In fairly sure that's from the lady at my work telling me what to do with them and feeding him the formula so thick and pretty cold. When she left the room he kept spitting it out and I was able to add more hot water to it. I fixed him up by doing what I read, giving him a sip of warm water and a gentle crop massage. He's doing well again now. They are all growing and putting on weight. This is my first time hand raising. It's so rewarding!
  10. Aww thanks Nadene I have mine at 40 or a few degrees warmer. There is another forum and a breeder on there uses the roudybush formula aswell and she says to keep it between 40 and 45. The eldest chick was pretty picky to begin with. He would polish it off if it was 42 but anything else he would have a little and then he'd shake it out, where as the others would like it at the temp he didn't! Lol He's not so picky now. I have been jotting down their weights.... But on different pieces if paper. Lol I will have to start getting better with it! If they aren't putting on much weight, would that mean its a tiny bit too runny? I thi k runny is good for the youngest one ( he just got his pin feathers today!! ) but a tiny bit thicker for the big babies. I can't wait to go nuts with all their photos. Lol But they just don't sit still!! Haha Is the box okay with a lid? I have them in an ice cream container and a kid with holes in the lid. (I worry someone may turn in the fan or aircon, and the older baby is getting rather tall! He can pop his head over the edge!) They are getting so strong! Chick 1 and 2 both perched on my finger today! Without me supporting them. ....I'm like a proud mum! Lol I had better get onto making my OWN post and quit hijacking this one! Lol
  11. i too am very glad its going well! i work in child care and my little baby budgies came with me today. we are going to be doing an on-going learning story with the little guys. the children will get to watch the babies grow and everything. a lady at my work has raised birds and she breeds her birds. the whole time i was feeding them she was telling me, its too hot (was even 40 degrees celsius ), too runny, you shouldnt use this formula, its okay to feed it to them cold, you dont need to have them in a box they can be in a cage etc etc. it was very frustrating... :/ i appreciate help and everything, but when i have done my research and someone wont listen to me and is telling me to do the 'big no's no's' it really gets to me. the whole time i was feeding them she was just going on and on and what ever i said shed say "oh no. no, no, no" it really got to me. its certainly not nice having to hand rear in these situations, but it is very rewarding and a great experience. i hope he will be good with a new hen! he is a great looking boy! i hope she looks after the chicks! its very scary having to hand feed for the first time! the amount of googling, youtubing etc it pretty crazy. lol its great doing research though, i would watch some youtube videos and be able to see what they are doing wrong. thankfully! i wonder what these babies will look like.. where exactly should i make a new thread on these guys? im not really sure..
  12. Thanks Kaz. you know how you are pretty sure youve got it right, but you just need to hear it from someone else? yeah. lol i will have to make a new thread tonight and upload pics from last night and this morning, they are growing fast! the older one is good with his feeds now, he just likes it about 2 degrees hotter than the other two. lol they are doing very well, its a big relief. thank you heaps!
  13. sorry i have been neglecting this thread guys, i have had some problems with my budgie pair with chicks, i am now hand rearing them. yeah i just wish he didnt see me as a predator! i didnt see your thread before i clipped him. i just clipped it the same as his other wing. so much better! can definitely see the difference. glad i know better now. thanks Kaz, i might be a little bias, but i totally agree!
  14. well guys. i actually pulled them basically when i posted that comment. i couldnt take it anymore and by the way she was going i just didnt believe she was going to stop and didnt want to risk anymore harm to them. they are doing quite well now! beautiful little babies. they are feeding pretty well. its just the older one that doesnt seem to eat as much. hes pretty loud too. i think he might miss his mum.. well, they will be coming to work with me. i have checked with my boss and shes fine with it. it really is a shame about the dad. :/ you have very good points there KAZ. yep, i wont be breeding from her! but i do have a very lovely show budgie i have found in mind for the dad. just wish he was a better dad! at least he helped by feeding mum.. i am feeding the chicks roudybush formula 3. how hick/runny would you say it should be for these guys? i have been giving it to them fairly runny. especially when i feed the younger one. im pretty dissapointed with the lady i got them from. its obvious she has been plucking all of the babies for a while. sad. they are strong babies. very curious too.
  15. Thank you Nadene. well, it looks like im going to have to give that a go. this morning she has started to get pretty severe with all 3. i have just weighed them. oldest is 22g our little guy i took out yesterday is 18.6g, and the youngest bub is 13g. mum has pulled pin feathers from both the wings and drawn blood on the chick i took out yesterday. she has been feeding them but then she goes crazy at them all. chases them all over the box and even sits on them to pluck them and the babies are running scared and screaming when she plucks them. poor little babies.
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